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  • Jeff Yates - Live Safe with McAfee!

    I have been using McAfee from day one of owning my first ever PC...many different versions and types of coverage and most happy with the LiveSafe product. Cannot believe getting protection for all my devices for one low cost. Extremely easier to install compared to years ago when I had to remove previous products when renewing. The Key-card media version was a fast...simple...and easy purchase online through Amazon. Look forward to doing the same this time next year.

  • Busy Filmmaker - Effects great, taste horrible!

    The only reason I'm even giving this two stars is be because it does seem to work. I'm taking this stacked with CellTech and NitroTrch also by Muscletech and Animal Rage XL. Taking this after a workout definitely keeps me full and helps speed the recovery along. Some unpleasant side effects include stomach upset (when taking just the other three supplements I mentioned my stomach is fine. Add this and I need to make more frequent "runs" if you catch my meaning.) in addition to that negative effect the taste of the Wild Cherry Explosion flavor (somewhat ironic "explosion") is like a cherry cough medicine, but chalky and thick and gross. I may get a different flavor of this when I run out, but I doubt that I will.

  • H. Kupfernagel - Awfully Slow

    I was very excited when I got this PC. I took the harddrive out, replaced it with an 1TB SSD and installed windows7 on it. I did not want to start with win8. I could find all the drivers I needed on the asus website. The machine is nicely quiet.

  • B4 It's 2 Late - Noticeably healthy hair, skin and nails !!

    I purchased this for my wife who has recently been saying that her hair and nails were not as they used to be. Myself being a guy, I haven't noticed anything but she did. I waited until she had used most of this bottle to see if there was a difference and I admit since taking more notice, it does seem that both her hair and nails look healthier. Her hair seems thicker and nails look less brittle or dry if that makes sense. She definitely says she sees a difference in all three hair, skin and nails and that's all the validation I need to say it's working. 

  • David S. Patchen - Great floss but so overpriced

    Probably the best floss I've ever tried but JFC, it's overpriced! It would be expensive at half the price, but I'd definitely buy some, but at this price I'll just get samples from the dentist. Something's wrong with their business--either they're not cutting good deals with the manufacturer or they're just overpricing. This floss won't do well until they figure out how to get the price way down.