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HeartSpace Inner Healing Welcome - HeartSpace Inner Healing: Legal resources, nutritional alternatives to children's psychiatric medications, for parents in New Mexico, other Anti-Drug communities in underserved areas.

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  • Amazon Customer - We buy from IC3D because their product is easy to find

    As a University engineering program we go through a lot of filament. We buy from IC3D because their product is easy to find, consistently good quality and the colors we want are usually in stock. Shipping is also prompt.

  • NoBS - Never Get Caught With Your Soft Wear down.

    I have used Norton for about 20 years and have never been infected with a virus. Norton has caught many viruses, but caught and quarantined or deleted them all. I always purchase their top of the line option. Why mess around with and other antivirus software?

  • Justin - A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, ...

    A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, weightless and the ability to get pregnant. It really works. My wife has gotten pregnant twice because of it when she was told she was completely infertile before.

  • A. Nejad - Too expensive piece of plastic

    It's very expensive base on a simple casted plastic part, it's probably cost them $1.00 each, what's up with the greed for a piece of plastic?

  • Richard Thompson - Office 2007, Only Blander

    I didn't like Office 2007, and 2010 (which I've seen in operation) is almost identical to 2007 except you can customize the ribbon some. Problem is, the ribbon is just awful for me, and I've been using it for over a year now. It brings up front features that I never have and never will use, while making me go on a treasure hunt to find what I DO use. It's also a display real estate hog.