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  • Kindle Customer - I still enjoy the show but bring back Sandra Oh

    I miss Cristina. she brought irony, sarcasm and a perspective that is now missing. Meredith needs her friend back. bring back Izzy. bring back some other original cast members and shake things up. needs more humor.

  • James R. Hall - Great Game!!!

    This game was well worth the money!!! Was able to install it on all my computers. It is hard to stop playing.

  • VICTORIA MOORE - Buyer beware!

    The product was rancid/not the same product I bought in the past from My skin broke out terribly after using! Buyer beware!

  • G. Murphy - Brew Buddy personalizes your coffee

    This is a perfect item. I like stronger coffee and looked hard to find something that will allow the grounds to steep in water for as long as I choose. I tried all kinds of filter holders. I've had this for about six months now and just ordered two more for gifts. The Brew Buddy also has a slightly angled top to direct overfill back into the filter. there is a lip on the underside to keep it over your cup. Cleverly designed and perfect for my needs. I paid full price for this item and did not receive any compensation for my review.

  • ashley mcadoo - Sounded cheesy at first... but then..

    So the only two reasons I bought this book too read were, 1: It was .99 so I wasn't loosing much had I bought once again another boring annoying book. 2: the reviews. I couldn't help but notice all of the good reviews on it. The quick summary about the book did this novel no justice. My first impression was "Great another cheesy vampire series". My gut told me to give it a chance so I did. I am SOOOOOO beyond glad I did, because I am now obsessed with this series. The two main characters are actually SMART! Hard to believe right? Sophia is so smart, and rather than being some sick puppy love that is borderline obsessive and an unhealthy relationship, they're actually good for each other. For once a book where the relationship's aren't consistently doubting each other and not communicating their feelings. Cannot wait to finish this series, then again I wish it could last a lifetime! Hate when I finish a book that I know will take a LOT to top.