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  • What are the best natural sources of astaxanthin? | Health Tips Website - Astaxanthin is a powerful anti-oxidant found in many types of seafood. Some of the best natural sources of astaxanthin are salmon, crustaceans, and other red tinged seafood.
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  • Go Ahead And Drink Coffee: It Won't Dehydrate You - Health Tips Website | Health Tips Website - Research about coffee and its effects on the human body have been done throughout the years, and have always had mixed results. Research on Friday in a UK
  • Lung Cancer Numbers Drop Finally Due To Better Health - Health Tips Website | Health Tips Website - Lung cancer is one of the highest numbers of death around, and the number of cases of lung cancer has always traditionally gone up. Smoking never ends, people
  • Using Laxatives Proving More Important With Huge FDA Warning - Health Tips Website | Health Tips Website - Laxatives have been used throughout modern times to ease constipation and to help relieve people of these symptoms. It could be health related, stress related,

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  • Cullen775 - Drip Pans - Kenmore

    I had to order this set because I could not find a set of two 6" pans separately. I'll just store the larger ones for when those need to be replaced. These fit perfectly on my Kenmore stove. They are style B.

  • JL4321 - Excellent Book, but same as older editions

    This edition is virtually the same as 2006, 07, 08, and 09 editions. Save money and purchase older editions. With that said, this is an EXCELLENT review book.I just took the GRE last week and studied with the 2006 edition, helped me tremendously! (I personally compared the 06 and 10 edition and found very minimal and all unnecessary changes.) Very user friendly and concise. I also had purchased ETS review book, but rarely opened it after getting the Princeton Review. Highly recommended, but save money and recycle by purchasing an older edition.

  • Shopready - Don't waste your money!

    The belt worked for about two months and then it just stopped. I charged it and still would not work even after replacing pads. By the way, I am still waiting for my amazing abs. Definitely not worth the money.

  • steve buchter - Amazing!!

    Love this stuff. Just finished my 10 day transformation and I lost 8 pounds and feel amazing. If you want $50 off your 10 day transformation just go to and type in the gift card code Stephenb!

  • frank - Fast growing. Good for acidic soil

    These Jonathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Ultra Grass seeds are excellent, and fast growing seeds. I live in the pacific northwest, wehre we get a lot of rain and we have some shady spots in our yard with acidic soil. I had several spots on my lawn where I had trouble growing grass for the last five years. One spot was in a shaded area under ceder trees. I had tried may other seeds from a local big box hardware store, including JB seeds. Those grass seeds did not thrive in the difficult areas. This Janathan Green seed is on the expensive side, at almost $95 dollars for a bag. However, it was the only seed that I could get to grow in a shady and acidic soil environment. For that reason, I highly recommend this seed. Also, I could see the grass starting to grow within just 2-3 days. I am very happy with this grass seed. I did mix this seed with the Fescue seeds by Jnanthan Green, which are a little bit cheaper at $70 per bag. They both are great.

  • BlueMoonGirl - Natural Anti-Inflammatory

    I've been using Serrapeptase for 4yrs now and couldn't live without it. I've done a little research on it and found its used as an anti-inflammory (for 30+ yrs)in Europe and Asia and doesn't appear to have any negatives drawbacks.