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Hall's Pharmacy – Pharmacy - Fort Worth, Texas - At Hall's Specialty Pharmacy we care about your health! When you need Specialty Medications, Custom Compounding, or Free Home Delivery our two Fort Worth, TX locations can serve you today!

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  • MizJai - Excellent Software!

    I've used all versions of MS Publisher since it was introduced. It just keeps getting better. I use it to create convention souvenir booklets, to publish a school news magazine, flyers, brochures, calendars, posters, bulletin boards, advertisements, business cards, newsletters, invitations, etc. The program is so easy and user friendly to use. It's not as complicated and frustrating to use as other well known software programs. Once you go through the tutorial if you're a new user, you will be able to start creating your own graphic publications; or, you can use the ready made design templates which are awesome! Publisher's clip art database is loaded with an array of quality graphics.

  • Ernest Gilbert - Outstanding!

    I'm fanatic about keeping my Infiniti 2008 35X looking like new. The smallest abrasion bothers me a lot. So, you can imagine my distress level when I sideswiped some downed tree branches leaving a three foot horizontal scratch on the passenger door. Though the scratch didn't expose the metal, it still had texture when I ran my hand over it and I was convinced that a trip to the body shop was in my car's future. I had a set of the Quixx scratch remover that I had purchased to take care of a light abrasion on my front bumper. It worked. Though I had no hope of success, I decided to try the Quixx system on the monster scratch. To my utter surprise (and delight) it was completely eradicated. No one looking at that passenger door could have guessed that it had been violated. This stuff really WORKS!


    This book was AMAZING!! I can't tell you enough on how this had changed my view on foods and my health In so many ways. I've been telling all my family and friends what I read In this wonderful God given book! I was so excited when I got this book In the mail as I had seen Dr. Wallach on a couple TV programs and was amazed at all I heard. It's too much information to tell you all the reason why I really believe In this book and the information that is inside it. All I can say to all of you is to please give it a try and read the entire book. It might change your life as It's changing mine slowing. I'll give you a very short story on me. I have been struggling with always feeling tired and have been seeing numerous doctors since I was a little boy around 13 or so. I tried is all, pills, exercise, natural remedies, detox, more pills, and on and on. I bought a product from Dr. Wallach website that contained all the minerals I needed beside the omega oils I skipped for now. I can tell you it gave me a headache at first so I started taking less that recommend. About a week later I started to notice myself sleeping better and waking up with more energy! I hope this is real and not just me making myself believe in a miracle, but If you study into this stuff you will know our bodies are in dire need of nutrition to work as it was meant to. 2nd best book I have ever read and hope everyone In the world reads this. If I had a ton of money I would buy everyone a copy. Please, please, please, give it a try! It will give you life again.


    I HAVE BEEN USING QB SINCE 1993 WHEN VERSION 1.0 CAME OUT AND BEEN USING QB PAYROLL SINCE IT'S INCEPTION. OUR BUSINESS PURCHASED QB PRO 2012 WITH ENHANCED PAYROLL WITH A ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLED IT IN DECEMBER OF 2012. OUR ENHANCED PAYROLL SERVICE DOES NOT EXPIRE UNTIL THE END OF 2013. WE RECEIVED AN IN EMAIL FROM THAT STATE: "Your annual subscription for Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll will be automatically renewed on 11/22/2013 at a price of $449, plus tax where applicable. The charge will appear as "Intuit QB Payroll" on the credit card listed below. You will also receive an email renewal confirmation notice on the day your credit card is charged." OUR ENHANCED PAYROLL SERVICE WAS PREMATURELY CANCELLED/TERMINATED WHEN I TOOK MY CREDIT CARD INFO OFF THE ACCOUNT SO THAT QB PAYROLL COULD NOT CHARGE ME $449. WHEN WE HAVE ALREADY ORDERED QB PRO 2014 WITH ENHANCED PAYROLL FOR ONE YEAR FOR $279.

  • James - Good Value

    I was glad the replacement key was such a great price compared to the dealer's, but the dealer's charge to reprogram the key should be a crime.

  • Shannon - Worked

    I bought this for someone else, it worked for their purposes, however he used it in combination with the Super Q Caps, so it's unclear exactly which one worked, if not both.

  • Anonymous - Wake up America!

    This is a must see movie for everyone. It really explains what Obama and his agenda are all about. Unfortunately, it's too late to do anything about it. The American people wanted "change", and they now have it.