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Gwinganna Health Retreat | Resort and Spa Accommodation | Yoga Retreat | Gold Coast Queensland Australia - Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat offers Organic Lifestyle Retreats and Specialty Health Retreats providing guests with a rare opportunity to explore nature and re-focus. Located in the Hinterland of Queenslands Gold Coast.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • John Schmitz - Good Book but Sometimes Simplistic

    A well thought-out book with a very workable and sensible approach to stock selection. Some of the prescriptions, however, are a little simplistic. In particular, the author is fond of "doubling the Dow" by using leveraged strategies or funds that employ them such as the Ultra Dow 30 ETF and Funds. (trading as DDM and UDPIX). These work well in a rising market but get really hammered in a correction or bear market. Compare DDM with a nice dividend-focused mutual fund (VDIGX) from Vanguard. Over the past 4-6 years, DDM wins handily. However, if you extend the time scale back to before the 2008 bear market and VDIGX wins substantially.

  • LA24 - did the job

    after a single day of use, following the directions, I excreted a lot and replenished. I feel a lot better, not bogged down. it was taken only as a kidney/liver detox, not for any other purpose.

  • Kent Holland - It' so much more than a business book on meeting the goal

    I didn't know what to expect when I began reading this novel about a manufacturing plant. As provider of a professional (legal and risk management) services, I initially thought this wouldn't have much application for me. But it certainly does. First, the story itself, told as a novel, is an enjoyable read. This must be the first business book that I didn't want to put down until I had finished reading it from cover to cover!

  • Jorge Sturla - Good but not great

    Solved a problem with the Stubby antenna but its radio reception is fairly poor. With the custom long antenna I kept hitting a ceiling beam in my garage and I noticed it started to loosen the base of the antenna. Now with the Stubby I don't have that issue anymore and it looks quite esthetic and nice. However it doesn't pick up too well the stations. That really doesn't bother me as much because I'm always with the iPod.