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  • Melijo - It does and OK job!

    I'm not sure I'm so impressed with this stuff. It works great for that brownish build up, but some of that can be scoured off with a little vinegar and baking soda. I'm not sure I would purchase it again? But spring has barely sprung in Massachusetts so maybe I'll find something to clean as I clean out the garage of all the junk I threw in there when it was too cold to deal with in the winter. My hopes were probably built up too high. I have something on my stove and stove grate that I can't seem to get off and this didn't do the trick either. If so I will change the review, but so far it doesn't seem any better than baking soda and vinegar or a simple magic eraser.

  • Ulfilas - We used it to get our old toilet to work again

    A problem that occurred in our old toilet was that some kind of scale or calcium build-up prevented the flapper from sealing the tank properly, so that the float valve was being continuously activated. We drained the tank and let a quarter inch deep of CLR soak overnight. After that the flapper was once again able to seal the tank and the float valve was no longer constantly triggering.