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  • Sue Staples - Mac QuickBooks Rating

    I find Mac QuickBooks very finicky. Sometimes I click on check register and it brings up Sales Tax. It is sometimes very difficult to get into check registers I have to close down often. It has been getting worse and more frustrating. That is my biggest complaint. There are others but I do not have time to get into it right now.

  • JKray - works when other supplements don't

    The price of this supplement led me to try three other products that seemed comparable. (Also the reason why I gave it 4/5 stars instead of 5. )None of them worked, so I'm going to stick with this from now on. I suspect that everyone is different in terms of what their bodies are lacking that is causing hair loss issues. Whatever is in this stuff is the right combination for me. I notice a significant difference in the amount of hair in my brush, on my pillow, in the drain etc., when I use this supplement. It took a few months to see a difference on my head, but eventually I saw it. Definitely recommend trying it if you've tried other supplements that don't work.

  • Brooklyn - Excellent

    Awesome, works perfectly. I saw another review where the guy said he couldn't the WiFi connection but I had no problem finding it in the android section of the projector.


    Must have for the USMLE, great tool to study by as you progress through medical school. You will need a bit more if you are looking to do more than average, but this is a MUST for your foundation.