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  • Voodoo4ducks - Trust Your Own Nose!

    Our washing machine had become rank! Mostly because I would ask my husband for weeks, "do these bath towels smell funky to you?" His answer being consistently "no," I thought my smell was off. That was until the day I did the laundry myself and pulled a batch out of the dryer did I realize how that his smell was wrong! I had purchased these enforce & had worked perfectly. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to now use all 3 tabs. I didn't! Now I have 2 spares to go!

  • Renee - I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I ...

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I don't know much about bows so had to go off advice from friends. Well, my husband loves it. Hasn't had any issues using it or with the product itself. Well worth every penny for the smile on his face.

  • leelijo - Waisted my money and time

    I have waisted my money and time.I had been using this comb for past 2 years....NO USE!!!Now I stopped to use that.I believe all the good reviews are written by the manufacture itself..please don't buy this..don't waist your money and time.

  • hugo sevilla - Decent for the price

    For the price these are just fine. They stay in your ear, the sound isn't bad and actually has bass, again for the price not a bad deal.

  • Reflection - Tax Research Book

    Good product. This book is just what I need for my tax preparation research. I highly recommend this book for tax research.

  • Viktoria - Keebler did it again in a package that has sweet and salty snacks

    Keebler did it again in a package that has sweet and salty snacks! Perfect for school lunches or just snacking. Great!

  • Kindle Customer - Tricks & Treats!

    What an amazing couple of stories Alexa Riley put together in this compilation. I can't wait for more! This is a must read if you haven't already.