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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • John D. Lyman - McAfee the Worst

    I have had McAfee for several years and each year the newer version is worse than the previous. I have had nothing but problems with this system, with numerous hours on the phone trying to get it fixed and no luck. I have written McAfee about this terrible product and have had no response. With all the problems I have had on all three of my computers, I have come to the conclusion that this anti virus system is a virus itself. I without a doubt, WOULD NOT recommend this product!!!! Try Vipre, after I deleted McAfee and installed it, Vipre found over 300 viruses and other items that slowed down my computers. You be the judge.

  • Ralph - Great guide!

    This guide really gets at the heart of a college and what makes it slightly different from other colleges. Noticed this especially after starting to physically visit and compare colleges. Came highly recommended and so far fulfilling that recommendation.

  • Linda Albertano - Recommended for the liver.

    Quick service! It was highly recommended for the liver. I take it daily on faith. If my liver had teeth, this is how I would brush them. Daily maintenance.

  • Amazon Customer - Ummmm

    Not the best and not the worst, felt kind of cheesy. Sad to say it wasn't really memorable. At least it has a happy ending