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Govt.Dental College, Srinagar(Official Website) - Govt. Dental College/Hospital, sgr is one of the oldest pioneering institutes in the state known for its high quality medical education & dental health care.

  • Endocon Kashmir 2016 - Govt. Dental College/Hospital, sgr is one of the oldest pioneering institutes in the state known for its high quality medical education & dental health care.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Salone F. Summers - Get cleanse eaily and safe.

    If you need something for a great detox this is really, a great product to try. Does what it says it does, you will have to follow the direction. Great for a good cleanse.

  • T. Cochran - Acronis True Image Home 2010 does not work well with Windows7 Ultimate X64

    I have been unable to get any backups to work without "Disk Full" error message's popping up. I have to sit in front of computer and keep replying "ignore" to everything for it to work. It even tells me that my 1TB usb drive is full even when it is empty. Also tried usb thumb drives with same result. It just does not work well with Windows7 Ultimate x64. This will be the last version I will ever buy. It's been out for almost 6 months without any fixes and if you want support you have to pay $$$ for it. I'm going to stick with the built in Windows7 backup at least that works.

  • Brett Woods - Huge, Bulky and Ackward

    this case is huge, it makes an IPhone 6 plus thicker than a 5s with case on. It allows for 2-4 pieces of plastic, but only on slot severly limits it. Lastly the folio strap on the side is a strap, not a binding. Ithe cover is always flopping around and does nothing, makes incredibly hard for pics. This case does not serve as a stand. I have it 2 stars because it is incredibly sturdy and can withstand a lot

  • Srdjan R - How to relive an epic journey

    The Fall Classic brings out the best of this beautiful game. For me, as a fan of the sport, it makes no real difference who plays, I try to watch as many games as I can, regular, exhibition, all star, playoffs. I watched the Angels ascending, Red Sox break their curse, the Fish stylin' all over, the Fear the Beard gimmick etc. There's something else when you watch "your" team, I've also watched how the Tigers collapsed, and now this. Maybe it's just that this season's ups and downs synced with the ups and downs I had last year and the comeback and never-say-die are the key motives in this picture. You can feel the roller coaster before every game, during every game, and after every game, in a spectacular culmination when Freese unleashed it, making one final statement that you should never give up.

  • Scott W. Thompson - You Really Do Need These

    My front factory mudguards were ripped off while skidding out lumber. I figured I'd just go without. Well not only does all the road spray and dirt fling all over the side of the truck but stones and other debris kicks up and chips paint back to the rear fenders. Once I saw that I ordered these right away. I notice they also make floor liners that look really good so they'll be getting ordered soon too.

  • bluesky - Annual tradition

    I buy this annual ornament for my daughters-in-law every Christmas. I was thrilled to get the price that Amazon offers. I've paid double in years past at the mall. These are beautiful! I'm told they look forward to this gift every year. Glad I started that tradition over a decade ago. Thank you Amazon for making this purchase more affordable.