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Home | Generic Animal Drug Alliance - The Generic Animal Drug Alliance ("GADA" or "the Alliance") is an independent, professional trade association serving those organizations with interests in generic animal drug products. GADA represents members' interests before federal regulatory agencies and Congress.

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  • The Legend - They are easy to get in and out of my truck and ...

    These floor mats fit my F150 SuperCrew perfectly. They are very durable. They are easy to get in and out of my truck and spray them off. Dry quickly in the sun and put them back in.

  • bobeo - No relief

    I suffer from tendonitis in my elbow. I applied the Penetrex 4 times daily for 10 days and felt absolutely no change. To be fair, nothing else has helped either. They were prompt in delivering the product, and in refunding my money after I returned it.

  • Smmarti7 - Don't miss this!

    This was SOOOO freaking good! I was totally blown away. Mrs. Hutton never ceases to surprise me with her talent. I honestly began the story hating Richard, but I slowly learned to understand him. I can't spoil anything because they would be SO unfair. I will say he is a bit stubborn and a little slow on the picking up the clues, but he did it, lol. Eugenia was a very strong character and I loved her resolve and willingness to make a difference.

  • pampaints - nothing

    My friend is a big believer in this so I have tried it for a few months. I put the mat in bed next to my bare legs. Nothing..... at all except having to unwind the thing from my feet several times a night. It is such an obscure thing you spend so much money and time on and can't discern if it's quackery...... the purchased grounding devices that is. I can believe in waking on the grass etc. But I can't help wondering if all this paraphernalia being sold, is someone getting rich on a fad.

  • DEG 2015 - Amazing perfect fit

    Quality mats.They fit perfectly ( both front and back).and install very easy in my 2016 Jeep Renegade.A softer rubber,yet seems durable too.Another brand that starts with the letter "W" and not the company where you custom order but the other one were very stiff and did not fit well in my girlfriends Honda Accord.I'm glad I ordered these.. It took less than one week to get these delivered.

  • Gini - used for years

    Way ahead time wise of IRS, which is so late getting information into their computers, much of which is the same as prior years. And Lasser updates are easily accessed from website. I prepare taxes and this book is way better than the "professional" manuals. Easy to find things with great, useful examples. I'm really good at what I do and had to close my practice years ago, so I know what's what!

  • twinmommy - Worked for us!

    Just wanted to say that my son was premature and had severe reflux and allergies to the milk protein. This formula was better than any other, even the Neocate. Just a side note, the liquid formula IS different than the powder. The liquid formula doesn't contain corn solids and the powder does. I had my son on the powder and he would arch and pull away after two ounces (his twin sister could take about 5-6 ounces at this point and his weight was much less than hers). I switched to the liquid and he sucked it down like he hadn't eaten in months. It's very expensive but totally worth it in our circumstance! The only reason it doesn't get five stars is b/c, yes, it has a horrible smell... but he likes it so I don't really care what it smells like!