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FranchiseHelp: Find Popular Franchise Options - is the best online source for learning everything you need to know about franchising, from how to choose the right franchise, to how to finance the new business, to how to make your franchise a success from day one.

  • SMS Masterminds Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2016 | Franchise Help - SMS Masterminds is the next generation of direct marketing. Replacing traditional punch-card loyalty programs with a state of the art mobile based loyalty system. As an SMS Masterminds licensee, you'll receive an exclusive market in which to sell your product. With SMS Masterminds you receive a state of the art software program, training, and support every step of the way.
  • Low Cost Franchises For Sale - Summary Lack of capital doesn't have to stop you from opening a franchise business. There are tons of low-cost franchising options available for people who don’t have the money or financing available to buy into an expensive concept like a hotel or restaurant. What kinds of franchises could I afford? With thousands of franchises in the world to choose from, there are a large variety of price points. If you’re interested in a franchise on the lower end of the scale, consider picking one in an industry that tends to be less expensive, such as vending, home services, tutoring, business services, travel agencies, or in-home senior care. Why are these cheaper? The common denominator among most of these industries is the ability to work from home, which negates the need for an expensive lease and capital-intensive store build-out. How much do I need? Some entrepreneurs can jump-start a new, low-cost franchised business for less than a few months of rent. Every franchise is different, but many can be established quite cheaply. Any other benefits? There are many other advantages to inexpensive franchises beyond the lower cost of entry. These industries are often far less bureaucratic, and offer owners greater flexibility. If you’re interested in the freedom of working from home, check out our home-based franchises. Start low and grow Low-cost franchises can be the ideal entry point for new entrepreneurs looking to leave their current job and become their own boss. Many franchisees start with a low-cost franchise that can be quickly expanded up. Count up the change in your piggy bank, because you can start a low-cost franchise for less than you ever imagined!
  • Home Based Franchises - Summary It doesn't always take a storefront to run a franchise. There are plenty of options for franchisees who are looking to start their own venture without the cost, time and hassle of opening a physical location A major reason many people are interesting in franchising is because they want a total change in lifestyle. For those entrepreneurs for whom flexibility, control over their working hours, and quality of life is important, a home-based franchise can be a very attractive option. What is a home-based franchise? A home-based franchise is one that doesn’t require a brick-and-mortar location, and can be run from the comfort of your own home. Home-based franchises are available in many different industries, including travel services, tutoring, in-home care, cleaning, business services, and home services. In addition, some franchise concepts offer home-based entry options with the opportunity to open a retail storefront later on. What are the benefits? If you value flexibility and family time, a home-based franchise might be for you. Think about the time you could save without a daily commute! Plus, a home-based franchise allows you the freedom to schedule your days around children, family members or other obligations. Added bonus: No one will know if you’re wearing pajamas. What do I need to start one? Home-based franchises tend to be on the lower-cost end, because no capital is necessary to obtain retail space or pay for the overhead a physical location requires. Every franchise requires different amounts of capital to get going, but there’s likely a home-based franchise in your price range. You can check out our page on low-cost franchises (link) as well. Will I be the only one? No way! You’ll be part of a growing trend—one in five Americans work at home, and that figure is expected to rise 63 percent over the next five years. Do you think I’ll enjoy it? Imagine waking up when you want and strolling into the “office” in your robe and slippers. Sounds great, right? Turns out 54 percent of employees who work at home full-time are happier than they were in their prior job, compared to only 27 percent of office workers. Is this a viable concept? Won’t I end up slacking off? You can succeed at anything you put your mind to, and just because you’ll be doing it from your favorite armchair doesn't mean it won’t get done. Seventy percent of home-based businesses survive at least three years, compared to just 29 percent of non-home based ventures.
  • Veterans Franchises - Summary Franchisors are both grateful to those who served in the armed forces and also believe veterans make excellent franchisees. To express their appreciation, they often offer discounted franchise fees to military veterans—generally about 10 percent off. Why do veterans make good franchisees? Many of the skill sets veterans acquire while in active duty are applicable to running a franchise. Being able to both follow the rules and think on your feet are crucial, since franchisees must follow guidelines closely but also be able to address problems that appear on the fly. Beyond the franchise Are you independent and want to run the show yourself? Small business opportunities, which are not franchises, but require a one-time fee with no royalties, are a low-cost way for veterans to become entrepreneurs with a brand name behind them. Veterans on the rise Veterans account for 14 percent of all franchise owners, and of the 24 million veterans in the United States, four million of those are small business owners. With discounts offered by numerous franchises, there’s no better time to join the ranks of veteran entrepreneurs. Additional resources Vetfran and Patriots Express from the Small Business Administration are programs designed to help veterans become small business owners.
  • Women's Franchises - Summary More than 20 percent of franchise owners are women, and this number continues to grow as franchises are making a concerted effort to reach out and bring in more women as franchisees. Women, on the whole, tend to have certain characteristics that make them excellent franchisees, including strong people skills and the ability to network. What do women want? While women can run any kind business, the two categories that attract the most female franchisees are home-based businesses —which appeal particularly to women with young children—and franchises that target women as customers. Speciality industries Franchise areas dominated by female customers include salons, spas, clothing stores and women’s fitness centers. These industries are a great starting point for women entrepreneurs looking to get into business. She works hard for the money There are more than 8.6 million female-owned businesses, which generate more than $1.3 trillion annually. It’s not just a flash in the pan—between 1997 and 2013, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 59 percent.
  • Business Opportunity Franchises - Summary Business opportunities offer the guidance and turnkey start-up approach of franchises without the costs associated with an ongoing franchise. What’s the difference? Both business opportunities and franchises are the chance to start your own business, but franchises typically cost more to get going and maintain more control. Business opportunities allow you the freedom to make your own decisions, but also provide less support. What are some of the perks? Compared to the rigorous and controlled approach of franchises, business opportunities offer more flexibility. After helping you start the business up, the company then lets you run the business for yourself. Purchasers of business opportunities gain the benefit of a brand name and start up help without having to pay royalty fees later on. With business opportunities, you never owe a percentage of your revenue to a franchisor. Is this the right choice for me? Business opportunities are perfect for entrepreneurs who want the initial guidance a franchise might provide without the stringent regulation later on. It’s also a cheaper way to get started with your own business, since there are less initial and ongoing fees involved. If you want a looser agreement than what a franchise offers, a business opportunity might be the right choice for you! What are my options? Business opportunities come in all types, from retail stores to services run from home. Let us help find you the perfect business opportunity today!
  • Food Franchises - Summary Everyone has to eat, and busy Americans often make the choice to eat out or pick up food to go rather than cook at home. A huge variety of food franchises exist to satisfy this enormous market. A feast of food options There are as many different types of food franchises are there are types of places to eat. Broadly, there are fast-food restaurants, slightly more upscale fast-casual outlets, sit-down full-serve restaurants, dessert shops, vending machines, and kiosks. There are also food franchise opportunities in almost any cuisine you could think of, including burgers, pizza, Mexican, BBQ, seafood, ice cream shops, and countless others. Spending on vending Because of the necessity of having a retail presence, food franchises tend to be on the more expensive side as franchises go, but kiosks and vending machines offer a relatively less pricey entrance. Vending franchises are a relatively cheap way to take part in the food industry. They are fairly inexpensive and can be managed part-time, requiring relatively little maintenance. To your health Keeping pace with current trends, several franchises focus on fresh and healthier food options. Americans spend $117 billion on fast food annually, so there’s plenty of room for new entrants with one of the many successful brands in the food franchise industry.
  • Healthcare and Senior Care Franchises - Healthcare and Senior Franchises Summary The baby boomer generation is heading toward retirement, and there are more older Americans than ever before. It’s this increasing population of Americans over 65 that opens the door for the expansion of healthcare and senior care franchises. Healthcare and senior care franchises offer a chance to influence people’s lives in a positive way while taking advantage of this growing industry. What kinds of prospects are there? There are several major areas within this field. In-home senior care is a growing sector in which you can manage aides who work in clients’ homes. These services can be medical, non-medical, or both. Some in-home service companies sell products as well, adding in multiple revenue streams. Medical services franchises provide a large opportunity as well, including health care staffing and billing. In-home care from your home Most in-home senior care franchises can be low-cost and run without a storefront. This also makes it a potentially affordable venture. Everyone’s getting older Home care is a $74 billion industry and is expected to continue growing. Projections show that by the year 2030, more than 36 million Americans will be 65 or older, and many of them will need help. This makes the healthcare and senior care industry a quickly expanding field that will not only generate lots of business, but help you feel good about the work you do.
  • Business Services Franchises - Summary Business services franchises provide assistance to other business in an array of categories. The franchises differ in the range of services provided and in the types and size of businesses they focus on. What kinds of opportunities are there? There are a variety of franchise types in the business service sector, such as insurance, accounting, staffing, printing, packing and shipping. Some franchises focus on individual industry segments, like healthcare. A lower-cost venture Business services tend to be on the less expensive side of the franchise spectrum, because most of them can be run from home. Learn more about the benefits of having a home-based franchise. Ever-present demand While technology changes, the need for services like staffing and accounting doesn’t. Businesses need these services in any economy, which means business services franchises will continue to flourish in the years to come.
  • Retail Franchises - Summary The retail industry is comprised of stores selling a wide variety of products. Some of the most popular retail franchise segments are clothing, convenience stores, dollar stores and grocery stores , but there are franchises that sell just about anything you can think of. Storefront needed Because they require a retail space, these franchises are more expensive than those that allow franchisees to have a low-cost business. Clothing competition The U.S. apparel market is the largest in the world, comprising about 28 percent of the global total and has a market value of about $331 billion. Retail on the rise The latest annual report from the U.S. Department of Commerce recorded annual retail sales of $4.7 trillion. Two thirds of America’s gross domestic product comes from retail consumption, and the retail industry is expected to grow 5 percent this year, making this the perfect time to jump in and begin a retail franchise.
  • Home Services Franchises - Summary Home services franchises perform an array of home improvement and maintenance services on residential homes, helping busy home owners keep their houses, lawns, windows and more looking and functioning beautifully. What kinds of services do people need? Popular home service franchise areas include flooring, concrete, moving and storage, painting, plumbing, pest control, and lawn care. There are also opportunities specializing in decks, closets, landscaping, garages, windows and more. Anything you can think of that the average homeowner doesn’t have the time or skill to accomplish can be a successful home services business. Pay attention to the seasons Worth considering is that some of these businesses are seasonal depending on location; lawn care for example is more in demand in most of the country in the spring and summer months. Do I need to be handy? Not particularly. You will be the one hiring employees and managing the business, but not the one cleaning carpets or installing windows. Of course, if your dream is to become a home decorator, you could get hands-on experience with the right franchise! Going green Many home services franchise are taking advantage of current trends with processes that are environmentally friendly. Hammer away With low interest rates and the recession tailing off, the home services industry is poised for a comeback, making this a great time to invest in a home services franchise.
  • Fitness & Beauty Franchises - Summary Fitness and beauty franchises take advantage of America’s increasing health-consciousness and obsession with appearance. These are pretty recession-proof fields—people always want to look and feel good! This industry is divided into two segments: • Fitness ,which focuses on exercise, health and weight loss. The primary fitness franchises include gyms. Certain fitness franchises specialize in areas such as martial arts, Pilates or dance. There are also fitness franchises for nutrition guidance, personal training, women and the elderly. • Beauty franchises include spas, salons, barbershops and tanning locations. Many beauty franchises boost sales by selling products as well as services. It all works out The market for weight loss is large, as more than one-third of all Americans are obese. Fitness centers tend to blossom in the first quarter, as New Year’s resolutions to lose weight are made. Jump to it There’s no better time to get on board, as industry profits are poised to hit $29 billion by 2016 and grow an average of 5.3 percent each year. If you want to help people live a healthier lifestyle or assist them in looking their best, consider starting a fitness or beauty franchise!
  • Cleaning Franchises - Summary Cleaning franchises focus on keeping business spaces and individual residences tidy and sanitary. There are a variety of specialty cleaning franchises, ranging from carpet cleaning to industrial cleaning to maid services. Would I be the one cleaning? No, unless you wanted to. Cleaning franchisees manage and hire cleaners rather than do the cleaning themselves. What kinds of places need to be cleaned? Cleanliness is mandatory, no matter the economy—health care, government and other retail facilities must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning franchises generally focus either on individual homes or business office space. Innovative technology Commercial cleaning franchises separate themselves with their proprietary technology. There are many different environmentally friendly franchises that specialize in ways to clean without hurting the earth. Spotless, sparkling and soaring The cleaning industry is a $50 billion industry and is also growing extremely quickly. It’s predicted to grow by five percent annually through 2018, making it an excellent time to buy a cleaning franchise.
  • Children's Franchises - Summary Children’s franchises include businesses designed towards educating, exercising and entertaining children, often at the same time. With kids making up a large portion of the economy, children’s franchises will always be in demand. What sorts of franchises cater to kids? The most popular children’s franchises include tutoring, photography, and after-school programs. There are also franchises that specialize in supplemental education, dance, art, science and sports. Do I need to have experience with children? No! You don’t need any specialized skills in education, art, dance or math to become a children’s franchise owner, but it helps to have a love of kids. In addition, many of these franchises can be low-cost, meaning a lower overhead for you. Is this industry on the rise? Absolutely! Kids are the future, literally—children are expected to make up a quarter of the U.S. in 2020. Even in a difficult economy, parents are always willing to put in a disproportionately high percentage of their funds toward their children. Franchising is key to this movement, offering franchises that focus on child development, education and entertainment for all age groups.
  • Computer & Internet Franchises - Summary With technology evolving at an ever-increasing pace, computer and Internet franchises offer entrepreneurs the chance to be on the cutting edge of progress. The importance of computers and the Internet to businesses is only growing; a strong Web presence is a must for any modern business, and up-to-date well-maintained technology is integral. What are my options? There are several sectors available within the field that allow franchisees to play an important part in keeping technology humming along. Computer repair, information technology services, Internet service providers, and computer products are all avenues accessible in this industry. Working from home Businesses in the computer and Internet industry tend to be low-cost and low overhead. A low overhead, potentially no need for a storefront and a constant business demand make this a lucrative industry to invest in. Everyone’s on the Net More than 84 percent of Americans use the Internet, meaning there are hundreds of millions of people who could use the help of a computer or Internet franchise. With computer downtime costing companies 3.6 percent of their annual revenue, the market for saving a piece of that is large and valuable. The rapid rates of improving technology means people and companies always need help adjusting.
  • Education Franchises - Summary Education franchises are a great way to start a successful business while also making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people. As a college degree has because more of a necessity than an option, tutoring franchises have taken on extra importance. Who would I be working with? Education franchises are largely geared towards helping children, but there are franchise opportunities targeting different age ranges. Those aimed at younger children often combine entertainment, childcare and education, while others geared towards older kids focus on tutoring and test preparation. Adult education franchises are often overshadowed but are an important part of the industry as well. These include driving and leisure programs as well as business training. Where would I be working? Some education franchises are home-based models where you might manage tutors or other educators who meet with children. There are also learning centers, which offer a retail space for tutoring. What would I be doing? Finding tutors and generating business are the most important responsibilities for education franchisees. Of course, a love for children and education is an essential factor in deciding to open an educational franchise. Education on the rise With annual revenues of $40 billion, the franchised education industry is ripe with opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs. Educational franchises are expected to grow by 5 percent per year over the next five years.
  • Automotive Franchises - Summary Automotive franchises take advantage of the central role cars play in American society. With nearly 254 million passenger vehicles in the U.S., the automotive industry provides lucrative opportunities to be involved in a critical aspect of most people’s daily lives. What kinds of opportunities are there? There are several primary categories of automobile franchises. There are franchises that focus on automobile repair and maintenance, including general repair franchises, transmission repair franchises, and oil change franchises. Another branch of franchises focus on car aesthetics, such as auto detailing franchises and car wash franchises. There are also gas station franchises, car rental franchises, and auto accessory franchises—all of which take advantage of Americans’ reliance on cars. Keep on truckin’ Since the recession struck in 2008, people are keeping their cars longer and having them serviced, rather than buying new ones. With these older cars around, there are more repairs to be done, and the average automobile repair clocks in at $367. With Americans dependent on their cars and trucks—and a slew of older models that need frequent servicing—automotive franchises are a solid choice for the coming years.
  • Unishippers Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2016 | Franchise Help - For 25 years, Unishippers has been the trusted shipping advisor for over 50,000 shipping customers. Unishippers creates individualized shipping solutions and partners with carriers like UPS to handle shipments.
  • TravelHost Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2016 | Franchise Help - TravelHost proudly serves the needs of millions of travelers who turn to TravelHost daily for advice on dining, shopping, entertainment, local attractions and fun things to do.
  • Honest-1 Auto Care Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2016 | Franchise Help - The Honest-1 brand is developed through superior training, support and a vast array of franchise offerings including Region Developer/Unit Owners. We are the country's most trusted family of automotive maintenance and repair centers. It is our dedication to our customers and franchisees that has made us the most powerful automotive franchise in the industry.
  • Seniors Blue Book Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2016 | Franchise Help - Provider and Services Directory for Seniors is trusted online & print resource for communities nationwide. Low entry, no employees, work from home!
  • DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Franchise Opportunities | Franchise Help - DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life. Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers — and their customers report much, much higher satisfaction. DreamMaker's business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect and integrity — and are key to our success. DreamMaker has helped existing remodelers take their operations to the next level by providing training, systems and support; those same resources have helped entrepreneurs without a remodeling background launch businesses that are among DreamMaker's top performers.
  • Liberty Tax Service Franchise Cost & Opportunities 2016 | Franchise Help - Liberty Tax Service is a low-investment tax franchise opportunity, specializing in tax return preparation for individuals and small businesses. With more than 4,300 offices operating in the United States and Canada, Liberty Tax Service is one of the fastest growing tax preparation companies in history. CEO and Founder John T. Hewitt is an icon in the tax industry, nationally recognized as an entrepreneurial visionary with a blueprint for success. As a veteran of more than 45 tax seasons, Hewitt is the most experienced CEO in the business and the founder of two of the top three tax franchises.
  • Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise Cost & Opportunities | Franchise Help - Our motto at Five Star Bath Solutions is "Franchisees First". If you're looking for a great business you can run from home, with low startup costs and high revenue potential, look no further! It's our mission to become the best franchise system in the service industry.
  • Cinnabon Franchise Cost - Cinnabon Franchise Opportunities | Franchise Help - Cinnabon has been serving delicious goodies for more than 25 years and seeks Franchise Partners who are passionate about owning their own Cinnabon Bakery franchise to continue expansion and create lasting memories for their Guests. We're dedicated to the success of our Franchise Partners and are focused on providing world-class support and service based on respect and trust. Together, we can create wonderful memories – for you, your family and your valued Guests.
  • Dickey's Barbecue Pit ® Franchise Cost & Opportunities | Franchise Help - Join the largest barbecue chain in America*! With over 520 locations in 43 states, our smokin’ hot franchise has been treating guests to great tasting barbecue since 1941. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or looking to retire and start a business, we’re seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join our highly rated franchise.

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    This vinalta serum is a high quality product - 100% vegan and 72% organic, it contains a variety of skin healthy ingredients. Aloe, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid are at the top of the ingredient list, making this excellent for providing moisture to the skin. Other helpful ingredients are jojoba, green tea and vitamin c and e. This unique combination provides a smoothing effect - the hyaluronic acid is particularly effective at plumping up the skin, which decreases as we age. I use this ingredient both as a supplement and topically for its anti-aging effects. I have somewhat oily skin and this balances things out nicely, providing moisture without weight and goes on nicely under makeup. I would so most will want a creamier moisturizer on top of the serum- layering the two on top of each other. It is fine for me in the warmer months by itself. But typically serums get layered with other products. I received a discount to try this out but would recommend giving it a try - the ingredients are safe and proven effective.

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