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  • chief2ears - GREAT RIGHT OUT THE BOX

    wanted a 27oz but it was not available. this feels heavy enough and the guys on the team are nailing the ball with this brand new bat. wish I could find a 27oz.

  • Mark Devine - Product failed - possible fire hazard

    My wife and I bought this item because we are remodeling our kitchen and are going to be without a stove for several weeks. For the very first use I set the burner to a medium setting to warm up some soup and left then left the room. A minute or two later I smelled something burning and immediately ran into the kitchen. There was dark smoke coming out of the bottom of the unit and it smelled like burning or melting plastic. The entire unit, not just the burner, was so hot that I could not touch it, even when trying to use a kitchen towel to grab it. I was worried that it was going to catch on fire so I took a shovel from outside, scooped it up, and placed it outside in a snow bank.

  • Lynn - Watch the colors.

    I am still learning this program, but I like it so far. My previous experience was with an old Adobe program, which did a good job, but could not be updated to be used with Windows 8.1. The only problem I have seen is that the colors on my computer screen are not always the colors printed.For instance, a card looked like it's front would be cream and blue. When printed, it looked yellow and green. Therefore, I rated it four stars.

  • todd - Great--BUT ?!??!

    I would have giving it a 5 star review but my biggest complaint is the on / off switch for the life of me why they put it on the base and not on the handle I'll never understand it the on off should be on the handle not the base it makes the unit very awkward to use everything else works great but please change the position of the on/off switch

  • Aaron Mills - Very nice item but not soundproof

    Good quality, light, fairly easy to install and seem sturdy. My only complaint is a distinct whistle can be heard from inside the vehicle at 40mph plus with this cross bar mounted. Take them off and there is no whistle.