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  • Healthy2012 - Amazing product!

    Where have you been all my dry, brittle & split end hair life! This product detangles within seconds, restores shine & application is so easy!

  • mjbb - Worked for my daughter w/ alittle change

    I bought this product for my 13 year old daughter who has poly cystic ovarian syndrome. One of the side effects is bad acne. I had taken her to the dermatologist who perscribed a regimen Retin A, benzoyl peroxide. But it didn't do much but dry out her skin badly...sometimes she looked like a burn patient (with acne!) (and we used a bare minimum of the Retin A). Her skin continued to be a major problem and a major source of embarrassment for her :( Anyway in my search to help her I came across the Lerosett clay mask on the internet and I decided to order it. However, I also saw on the internet a different brand of clay mask that coupled treatment with benzoyl peroxide. I know Lerosett strongly instructs to only to use the clay mask! But, for me it made sense. I decided to order the Lerosett because it is organic. My daughter has been using it now for about 6 months and has had great results! When the Lerosett first arrived we used it 2 x per day for about 30-45 min each treatment. I only used the benzoyl peroxide (10%) on her face after the evening treatment. It has really done the trick. Her face is VERY oily so I would suggest using the Lerosett without the benzoyl peroxide at first to see how it works for you because the mask is really sucks out the oil. Then, if you don't get enough of a result, try adding benzoyl peroxide (3% or 10%) to your routine at night after using the mask (I would also cut down the mask to 1 x per day or less if you start using the peroxide). Now, she only uses the Lerosett clay mask as maintenance. Like 1-2 x per week if her face starts to show signs of a break out. Otherwise, she uses salicytic acid face wash and benzoyl peroxide daily. Also, the Lerosett is great as a spot treatment for single breakouts. Dab the spot(s) liberally with the mask and wear it overnight. Hope this is helpful...Good luck!

  • J. Mathy - I had no idea!

    It pained me to spend this much for a pot, but I don't regret it a bit now. A French stew that burned the last time I made it in my Calphalon dutch over came out perfect with this thing. And, after 2 1/2 hours in the over, it required no soaking for clean up and had no staining whatsover. This is a hefty little number. You can tell it's very well made.