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  • Eva Anderson - Works with no side affects

    I have been usuing this for a while and it seems to help me loose weight. I take it three times a day and went down a pants size. It is easy to swollow and had no taste. The price is great and I will buy again

  • pat o - i think this particular lineup is terrific. Seems to me

    i think this particular lineup is terrific.Seems to me, Ringo hit a grand slam here. I keep watching these tracks repeatedly- "Hold The Line"- and Everybody`s Everything" just good stuff..........................

  • D. Chan - the hair has to sprout and then grow to a good length before you can visibly see it from a ...

    I stopped using it after Summer of 2014 after nearly 2-3 years of using it. I thought it didn't really do anything, and it was starting to irritate my scalp. By Thanksgiving, I was getting comments from almost everyone about how I was thinning and fast. I hopped back on, albeit on a once a day schedule on weekdays only to keep irritation down. After 3-4 months, I started to look fuller again. I think I'm back to "peak", but not as full as I was before stopping last Summer.

  • Ms Grandstaff - Tastes great, but does not work...

    This was recommended to me, by an acquaintance, to curb my appetite. Not so. I would not waste my money on this particular diet drink.

  • Deania Campbell - This was a very helpful and well written book. ...

    This was a very helpful and well written book. It really made me think about what I needed to gain from reading and studying this guide.

  • Henry Y. Shen - It works!

    My review is simple: My wife has given birth to two kids and used this cream on each pregnancy. She got NO stretch marks. It works on her. Period.