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- Enteogenic Mushrooms - philosophy of cultivation - Prawie wszystko co chcesz wiedziec o uprawie exotycznych grzybów enteogennych Psilocybe cubensis.

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  • Shelly Roettger - Didn't work on my combo skin

    Unfortunately this did not work for my combo skin. I have found it very difficult to find a system that works for my combo skin with large pores and blackheads. Unfortunately this made the white bumps under skin more prominent and didn't seem to make anything better.

  • Anonymous - Best product for your aquarium!

    I have 6 tanks (2 10 Gallons, 1 20 gallon, a 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 30 gallon long plus a 55 that has yet to be set up). I use to only use API's Stress Coat, but after many water changes during the weeks, some of the fish tend to get sick. A friend of mine (who has a 55 gallon tank) suggested to use this product especially with my goldfish. All I can say about this product is WOW! The fish are well, the product helps fight off the ammonia, removes the chlorine and keeps the nitrites and Nitrates safe for the fish. 1 cap full works for up to 50 gallons (but because my tanks are smaller, only a little bit is required). My goldfish (who were raised from babies) are happy and healthy thanks to this product. The only problem with this product (if I had to say), is the smell as it does smell terrible. Other than that, I would recommend this product for any new aquarium hobbyist.

  • Ricardo E. Gonzalez M. - EXCELENTE!!


  • Jane Lebak - It worked, kind of.

    It worked. We bought this to help calm down a nearly-feral cat we were trying to socialize. He didn't seem to care, but the dominant cat, who had been aggressing toward him, calmed down very much. The dominant cat is the kind of cat who wants to be in your lap 24 hours a day, purrs because you glanced in his general direction, and wakes you up at 3AM because you haven't petted him for hours. And we noticed him getting MORE affectionate when we plugged in this thing. Right. Whenever the refills ran out, he'd go back to his regular glutton-for-affection self and growl at the feral cat, so we'd swap refills and he'd go back to being super-cuddly.

  • blackstreek - The Book of Allison.

    Jeb rarely says anything after dinner, but I've come to get used to that, I can see the appreciation in his stapled jaw after feeding him with a battered rusty cut-open can of motor oil. But in the past few days the gang at the dinner table has seemed strangely quiet - distant even - and I can't really blame the grey ashen snow flitting through the makeshift tin roof of our cabin. Maybe the radiation in the atmosphere has finally exceeded the output from the microwave, but that's hearsay spread by Candy, who hasn't said a word since a few years ago. Her hair keeps falling into the soup.

  • gogo - Im in love

    I just received it and its really gorgeous but unfortunately it came without grantee, so if any thing happen i cant repar it withou it, otherwise i really loved it