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Emerald Coast Research Associates | Clinical Research Facility, Panama City FL - Information on our staff, clinical studies, participation, areas of research, sponsors and CROs, events, news and more.

  • Our Staff | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Biographies and photos of our coordinators and physicians and information on our support staff and volunteers.
  • Study Volunteers | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Study Participation Current Studies Research Terms Bill of Rights Areas of Research Testimonials Privacy Policy
  • Study Participation | Emerald Coast Research Associates - By participating in a clinical study you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary. You can help make a difference. Advances in medical research are
  • Frequently Asked Questions | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Get answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials, research studies and medical research.
  • Research Terms | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Adverse Event: An unwanted or undesirable effect associated with the administration of a medication. Certified Clinical Research Coordinator: (CCRC) A
  • Subject's Bill of Rights | Emerald Coast Research Associates - To be told the nature and purpose of the study To be told about the procedures in the research study, and any drug or device to be utilized, and what would
  • About our Areas of Research | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Learn about our areas of research including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hypertension, coronary artery
  • Testimonials | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Medical Heroes - National Public Education Campaign. Thank you! To the millions of people who give the gift of participation each year; and the rest of us who
  • Privacy Policy | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Read our website privacy policies and our website and medical disclaimers. Emerald Coast Research Associates.
  • About Our Experience | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Emerald Coast Research Associates is an outpatient facility located in the heart of Panama City, Florida. We have a dedicated team taking studies from
  • Monitor Information | Emerald Coast Research Associates - North West Florida Beaches International Airport 982 State Highway 388 Panama City Beach, FL 32413 850-763-6751 Delta 1-800-221
  • News and Information | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Download our newsletters and get information on upcoming community events involving the Emerald Coast Research Associates.
  • Web Resources and Links | Emerald Coast Research Associates - View web resources and links visitors to the Emerald Coast Research Associates of Panama City, FL, website may find useful.
  • Contact Us | Emerald Coast Research Associates - How to contact Emerald Coast Associates by phone, fax, or online form. Location map and driving directions.
  • Sweepstakes and personal information | Emerald Coast Research Associates - Participate in our Preliminary COPD Survey to see if you qualify for our studiesĀ and be entered in our Sweepstakes! Two $25 Applebee's giftcards and one $50

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