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  • stephen bennett - No major results but not bad

    I guess this helped clense my liver but there really is no proof of that. Makes you feel good thinking that you are doing something to combat all the toxins you are putting in the liver.

  • vespafive - No nonsense basic gaming keyboard with Razer's own reinvented 'MX' switches

    This is a great no frills gaming keyboard. Razer's version of 'Orange' switches feels like borderline Cherry MX Browns. They're still pretty noisy despite the 'stealth' moniker. I paid less than $70 for this and it's portable and great for just throwing it in your bag if you're on the go. There are not many options to go with this keyboard though other than using Razer's Synapse software. There are only a few things that have backlighting: the caps lock, the Razer logo, the Game Mode key and I forget what else. It's basically your no nonsense gaming keyboard with no extras or goodies to throw in there. There's no extra USB or headphone jack port. There's a detachable USB cord to connect the keyboard itself. But other than that, it's as basic as basic can be. I'm neither thrilled or bummed with the keyboard response when it comes to using it in some intense online gaming (BF4, Titanfall, etc. etc.). It does the job. I think this keyboard is worth around the $40 mark, but not $70-$80


    PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU USE THIS ON YOUR DOG!!!!! I put this on my elderly lab mix on April 14, 2015. She was active and we were looking forward to getting outside after a snowy winter. I wanted to be sure she was protected against ticks, most of all. About a month later we noticed that she was becoming lethargic. But we attributed this to our upside down schedule due to a family emergency. Then she seemed more unsteady on stairs and her hearing declined drastically. At this point, we attributed it to her age and the fact that now we were remodeling. Again, a change in schedule. By the middle of May, she was beginning to pick at her food. We switched foods and that didn't help. She hardly ate anything. We made multiple trips to the vet with no answers. Then one day, I connected the dots and took off her collar. She seemed to perk up after a week, but that was temporary. She died a week ago. I feel very strongly this was due to the collar. I have a video from December that shows her being active and her goofy healthy self. She had a check up in February with nothing terribly alarming. The general decline and weight loss from April 14th to July 7th was heartbreaking and dramatic. I wish I had read reviews before putting this collar on my beloved Stella.

  • Katie McCoy - Solar powered greatness!

    I love these for my backyard! They are great for being able to see my dogs at night. You can mount them wherever you want and they have a motion detector on them. I wanted a light that I wouldn't have to turn on and off and this is perfect for me. It has a light saver mode that it goes into when no motion is detected. The light saver mode is a dimmed light. Plus it is solar powered, so no light bill to pay for it and no wiring required! They come with all the hardware need to install them. They are not super bright lights (not flood lights), but they work to illuminate a small area like a gateway, small porch/deck, or walkway. I received this product at a discounted price for my honest opinion. I couldn't be happier with them and will be buying more!