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NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Wolfeld | Face & Body Plastic Surgery | NYC Upper East Side & Midtown Manhattan New York City | Hackensack NJ | White Plains NY - NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Wolfeld is a cosmetic plastic surgeon practicing near NYC's Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan, in New York City. Dr. Wolfeld's a specialists in liposuction, breast augmentation, facial aesthetics, and an expert filler/injector for Botox and Facial Fillers.

  • Contact NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Wolfeld at Manhattan's Wolfeld Plastic Surgery | Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan New York - NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wolfeld looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your individual desires at one of his NYC and Haskensack NJ Plastic Surgery locations.
  • Michael Wolfeld, M.D. | Plastic Surgeon Located in New York City | Hackensack, NJ - Dr. Michael B. Wolfeld is a board certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Manhattan, New York, and Hackensack, New Jersey.
  • Plastic Surgery Practice Locations in NYC, NY, NJ. Wolfeld Plastic Surgery has locations in NYC, White Plains NY, and Hackensack New Jersey - The Plastic Surgery Practice Locations of Dr. Wolfeld -- NYC, NY, NJ. Wolfeld Plastic Surgery has locations in NYC, White Plains NY, and Hackensack New Jersey. We strive to provide you with caring and comprehensive cosmetic evaluations and the most advanced face and body aesthetic techniques available.
  • Plastic Surgery Testimonials | New York City | Dr. Michael Wolfeld Patient Stories - Read what patients are saying about plastic surgeon in New York and New Jersey Dr. Wolfeld, in these testimonials.
  • NYC Plastic Surgeon Reviews | Dr. Michael Wolfeld Reviews | Cosmetic Surgeon in New York City / Manhattan, White Plains NY, and Hackensack NJ - Plastic surgery patients may leave reviews about New York City cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Wolfeld MD.
  • Body Plastic Surgery Procedures Manhattan New York | By Dr. Michael Wolfeld Plastic Surgery New York City - Dr. Michael Wolfeld is a plastic surgeon practicing in Manhattan, New York and Hackensack, New Jersey that performs a variety body procedures including tummy tuck, arm lift, liposuction, post bariatric surgery, lower body lift, body lift, thigh lift, upper body lift.
  • Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures Manhattan, New York | Breast Augmentation, lift, Reduction, Gynecomastia - Dr. Michael Wolfeld performs breast surgery, such as breast implants, a breast lift, breast reduction and male breast reduction surgery.
  • Face Plastic Surgery Manhattan, NY | Facelift | Eyelid Surgery | Rhinoplasty NYC - Dr. Michael Wolfeld offers a full range of facial cosmetic surgery from facelift, browlfit, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, earlobe repair. Visit Dr. Wolfeld's website to learn more.
  • Non-Surgical Skin, Face, Laser, Fillers and Fat Transfer by NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Wolfeld| Wolfeld Plastic Surgery New York City - New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Wolfeld performs a full spectrum of skin, face, laser, and dermal fillers. Dr. Wolfeld provides rejuvenation by non-surgical procedures such as Botox, lasers, and dermal filler treatments.
  • Hair Transplant Specialist Doctor in NYC New York, NY | Artas Robotic Hair Transplant at Wolfeld Plastic Surgery NYC - Dr. Michael Wolfeld dedicates a significant amount of his practice to treating hair loss in both men and women, and in patients of all races and ethnicities. Dr. Wolfeld has extensive experience in both Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) using the ARTAS robotic system. The ARTAS robotic system is the newest and most technologically advanced method to perform the FUE procedure.
  • Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo Gallery | New York City Plastic Surgeon | Dr. Michael Wolfeld - Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo Gallery. NYC's Dr. Wolfeld photo gallery brings his experience, artistry, and extraordinary attention to detail to each individual patient to achieve his or her goals.
  • Breast Augmentation Manhattan New York | Dr. Michael Wofeld Plastic Surgeon NYC - Dr. Wolfeld understands the anxiety and excitement patients feel when it comse to beast augmentation. During your consultation Dr. Wolfeld takes the time to explain and ease them into making the right decision based upon their individual needs.
  • Facelift Surgeon Manhattan, New York | Dr. Michael Wolfeld Plastic Surgeon NYC - A facelift by plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Wolfeld is a surgical procedure used to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the face. This procedure can correct deep creases that may form between the nose and mouth, a sagging jaw line, folds around the neck, sometimes referred to as a turkey neck, and jowls.
  • Neck Lift by Dr. Michael Wolfeld Manhattan, New York | Wolfeld Plastic Surgery NYC - Dr. Wolfeld performs a neck lift to rejuvenate the neck and lower face. This procedure removes excess sagging skin, tightens weak muscles, and eliminates unwanted fat deposits and double chins.
  • Nose Reshaping Rhinoplasty Manhattan New York | Nose Job Wolfeld Plastic Surgery NYC - At your initial consultation, Dr. Wolfeld will evaluate your general health, examine your nose, and explain the procedure to you along with the risks of the procedure. Your nasal reshaping will be planned in detail with Dr. Wolfeld.
  • Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty NYC | Wolfeld Plastic Surgery Manhattan New York - Eyelid surgery, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both males and females, can have a very dramatic effect in restoring a more youthful, rested appearance. Dr. Wolfeld can help you to fight these signs of aging and get back the fresh, vibrant eyes of your youth.
  • Browlift Manhattan New York | by Dr. Michael Wolfeld Plastic Surgeon NYC - Dr. Wolfeld can lessen the appearance of wrinkles by tightening selected muscles and releasing tissues, which cause wrinkles. The eyebrows will also be elevated, and excess skin at the incision will be removed to allow a gentle re-draping of your forehead skin.
  • Chin Augmentation New York City| Wolfeld Plastic Surgey Manhattan New York - Chin augmentation (chin implant) is a procedure that improves the total facial balance of an individual with a receding chin.During your consultation with Dr. Wolfeld, your chin projection and width will be evaluated in relationship to the rest of your facial features. Chin augmentation may provide more projection, fullness or both. 

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