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Home - TruDenta enables dental professionals to treat the 80 million Americans suffering from painful symptoms caused by improper dental forces, called DMSD.

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  • Gary Krystof - No results

    I was looking for all the great things that the advertisement claimed. Pain in knees and ankle from old injuries and hard use. No such luck... no benefits at all. Wish I would have saved the money.

  • Dennis Elam - The Guy Who Invented Televisions Sitcoms as you Still See Them today

    Decades ago I read Desi's autobiography, foolishly thinking Desi had written it himself. After all he created so many series, it was not a stretch to believe he could write his own series. When I saw Dolce's review that this was the best book I bought it. And what a story of cultural anthropology it is! Desi did not just act in a sitcom or produce popular series. He literally invented the modern sitcom as we know it. The use of multiple cameras, re-runs, a long term relationship with the writers, this is the how to book on producing a successful series.

  • Cathy040 - You can Run But you can't hide from this little camera!

    This pen is an excellent pen! I would love to get several more of these for gifts. I took this out of the package and started taking pictures and video's immediately. I am telling you that this camera is wonderful. All I can think is if these were around when my daughter was a baby. That could have been clipped on my diaper bag. I was always worried when I had to leave her at the sitter. This would be awesome to be used for a nanny cam. You can not go wrong with this. This would definitely be a great Christmas Gift. Thanks for this awesome product.

  • Michael S. Potts - Can't Put it down mystery.

    This was a great book and I really couldn't put it down. I don't say this about many books but it had a lot of twists and turns and action in it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think anyone picking it up to read will feel the same once they have it in their hands.

  • Stephanie Williams - TrackR is so awesome! I am constantly misplacing my wallet and car ...

    TrackR is so awesome! I am constantly misplacing my wallet and car keys and the amount of time I save with TrackR is unreal. Before getting my StickR TrackR I would waste so much time trying to find my items. I have not experienced any issues with my device and definitely recommend this product to everyone. I even got one for my mom and grandma! My grandma didn't know how to set it up and since shes in Canada I couldn't help her. However, TrackRs customer support team is wonderful and fully assisted her with the process so she is happily using her TrackR too!