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Michael Janson, M.D.: Nutrition & Alternative Medicine - I provide general health, nutrition and alternative medicine information, as well as health consults in person, by phone or E-mail, based on 25 years experience.

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  • Lucie - Or a perfect gift for a baby-shower

    I believe this should be a must-have for every mom of a newborn. Or a perfect gift for a baby-shower: you are almost guaranteed it will be unique and the mom-to-be will be thankful to you once the baby gets runny nose and she overcomes the fear to try it. I love it,, and even though my baby doesn't like too much the whining of the vacuum cleaner nearby, the thing itself is very gentle and sucks the nose neat-and-clean and is so easy to disasemble and wash afterwards. A perfect product.

  • Tanja - Limited interface

    I think it is a good magazine but cannot stand that I cannot make sections larger on tap or have a reading view option.

  • Ralph S - Depends on your trip...

    All in all a great bag. It looks awesome and has ample storage capacity. The material feels supple, but rugged and durable.

  • RACQUEL - problem

    constantly get an error message stating some sorta bug refuse to load.I tried loading it more than once on my system . I tried the 2014 evaluation version and that worked for the 30 Days

  • AnneFrank - It's Soy Good

    Used this product with satisfactory results. Followed instructions for the first three weeks and did not die of hunger, have fainting spells, or drool over food commercials (okay, maybe a few.) The first week consists of three drinks a day at meal time. In less than one hour, one feels full. Other than drinking some juices and 4-6 glasses of water, no other sustenance is necessary. I am an active person requiring much energy. On my feet a minimum of twelve hours a day. Almased kept me primed and moving. Check the sugar contents on a variety of milks like coconut, almond, soy, and low fat dairy before choosing a base. The most satisfying milk I found to be organic vanilla soy. Soy seems thicker than almond or coconut and produces a richer/heavier drink. Tastes like a treat, not a punishment. Months later I still have at least one Almased drink per day instead of a meal. It is particularly beneficial in taming after 7 p.m. cravings.And an excellent commuter breakfast. (DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO ADD ICE CREAM!)

  • Patti P - Would not buy again

    I bought this because it was significantly cheaper than the name brand Minoval, and I got 3 bottles for about the price of one. It did not arrive in retail packaging which freaked me out. How do I know the contents of the bottle were not tampered with? You don't. It's a risk. Also, the seller did not provide a applicator, which is supposed to be included in the contents of the box.

  • Frank - Switch Keeps Breaking

    After only having my Fenix PD32UE for a few months, the switch started to malfunction. I had to hold the button down constantly in order for the light to stay on. A friend told me later that I needed to unscrew the switch and tighten the circular metal plate that's in there with a pair of needle-nose pliers. He also recommended that I clean the contact point with rubbing alcohol. This fixed the problem. It's now eight months later and my flashlight is no longer turning on at all. I tried tightening the circular plate AND cleaning the contact points again with rubbing alcohol, but this time around it did not work. I now have a useless flashlight that won't turn on at all. This problem should NOT keep repeating itself like it has for me. I do use my flashlight a lot to go caving and hiking, so it gets a fair amount of abuse. Perhaps that is what causes the switch to malfunction. If you aren't as active as me, then this might not be a concern for you.