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  • Vaporizing Marijuana vs Smoking Marijuana - Did you know that by burning your marijuana 88% of the combusted smoke gases contain non-cannabinoid elements, most of which do not get you medicated

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  • Patrick Lee Oswald - This is a bust!

    It is so loud even when turned to the lowest setting that it is uncomfortable. You can hear yourself breathing and sounds near by are so loud you cannot hear things far off. In my opinion I wasted my money on this product.

  • Gadams - It works....

    I have to admit. This stuff works. Just don't expect a miracle if you have over 200 thousand miles. I have 318 thousand miles on my suburban and it did make a noticeable difference after about 3 days of driving around town. Only thing it made my temp get a little over normal but i figured it had to to burn out the carbon but for the most part it does work. I would say this would be a good once a year treatment for preventive maintenance.

  • Wildcatash - My holy grail tea!!

    I was so excited when I saw this tea in bulk online. It's so much for just one box at my local store I had to take this deal and buy online. I love this tea so much. Every time I feel myself getting sick or some kind of upper respiratory problem going on I brew up a cup of this and immediately start sipping. I swear it works after the first one if I catch the cold in time. I'm usually the type of person where hardly anything works for me when I do get sick so I'm glad I found this product. I usually just add a bit of honey in for my throat and it's the best. Even when I'm not sick I like to have at least a cup a day or every other day for my allergies (which are completely terrible this time of year). The shipment came quick and was packaged nicely, considering its just a couple of boxes of tea, but still. Don't hesitate to try this if you are looking for a new tea to try for your immune system.

  • Summer E Tullier - Top of the line, versatile can or bottle holder. Works just like the *other* one!

    Love this thing! I am a canned soft drink addict, ahem, I mean connoisseur. :-) I have used every size, shape and material coozie, or can holder that's ever been sold. This one is definitely unique. Most people would probably compare it to the very top of the line name brand stainless steel can holder. And I actually have BOTH, so I can say confidently that I like this one JUST as well, if not better. This one actually has more uses b/c of the tapered bottom. It will hold a bottle beverage as well as your typical 12-ounce can. This DOES keep drinks very cold for an hour or more. However, my beverages get drank so fast that I didn't push the limits very much. In any event, this is a great can or bottle holder. It doesn't sweat at all. It retains the cold (or heat) so well that it doesn't make my hands cold (or hot). I think I may even use a little monogram machine to put my initials on it b/c I've had several people try to claim it already. Buy with confidence.

  • Christine A. Stclair - Save Your Money You Won't Get A Refund

    I heard the commercials on the radio so I called. I was sure to ask if Amberen would interfere with my high blood pressure medication. Note that Amberen's active ingredient is a type of salt and consuming high quantities of salt when you have high blood pressure is not recommended. I was told that Amberen would not interfere with my blood pressure medication. After taking Amberen faithfully according to the instructions, I developed a really bad case of constant thirst and dry mouth. It stopped about a week after I stopped taking it. I called and asked for my money back and I was told to continue taking the remainder of the Amberen! They didn't want to give me back my money! Bottom line, the so called "nurse" who answers your questions in all likelihood is not a nurse but a minimum wage high school drop out, forget about the money back guarantee and don't risk having a stroke by ingesting copious amounts of sodium!

  • J. Pate - awesome bmx bike

    I love this bike. Nothing has gone since I've had it. People say stuff about the handel bars sliping but i have had no problems since i tightend the screws tightly. When you take it out of the box it is already almost fully assembled. The head's screws are tight so what i did is put a dish cloth over the allen kee so it would not hurt my hands when i ajusted it. I have put this bike through a lot and it is good as new. It is very light and i would reccomind this bike for anyone who wants a fast bike that is rugged good for dirt and crusing along the naborhood or just jumping ramps.

  • Marcia Williams - A good read

    I loved the story, the characters even the end. I loved the strength, and the loyalty of the main character. I loved the idea that she was given a second chance at life. I recommend this book to anyone who needs or is an advocate of second chances.