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  • Alison - Interesting book.

    Writer is on the list of racist. I didn't see that. Trying to understand this city, and it does explain what was and why what is. Book doesn't cost much and if you just want to know it does this.

  • Dawn - Magical food

    I recently went to universal studios to go to the Harry Potter theme park. It was a great time by there were so many wonderful things to buy that were Harry Potter themed products. They also had a few restaurants that had the food from Harry Potter. I really wanted to try them at home. I found this book while I was there and immediately wanted it. The price however was not budget friendly. I was able to look it up on my kindle fire and get it for half the price.

  • Craig Thayer - Love it!

    This product works great.I've lived in my house for fifteen years and never had any problems with my septic system except for the occasional pumping of it. I'm on the plan where I receive it once a month & It's delivered in the mail. I can't buy it cheaper anywhere by far than what Amazon sells it for.I highly recommend this product & delivery service for everyone that has a septic system & doesn't want to bother remembering to buy it every month.