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Dr. Alice V. Coghill, Midtown Primary Care & Travel Vaccinations - Midtown Primary Care is the office of Dr. Alice V. Coghill. Dr. Coghillis a primary care physician and also provides travel vaccinations. Dr. Coghill is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

  • NYC Doctor Appointments | Travel Vaccination Appointments - Make appointments with Dr. Coghill online. Dr. Coghill's office is located in New York just 1 block from Penn Station.
  • About Dr. Alice Coghill - Dr. Coghill attended Stanford University Medical School and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
  • Dr. Coghill FAQS - Dr. Coghill FAQS. Dr. Coghill is a primary care physician and also provides travel vaccinations. Dr. Coghill is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

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  • Amazon fan - YOU CAN EAT OFF THE FLOOR

    Researched steam mops and asked questions of people who own them. I think we bought the best. Floors are gorgeously clean and the mop is easy and fun to use. Yes, I said fun. The hand attachment is also awesome and made my plastic shower curtain look new. I've been steaming all a good way.

  • Toby Wallwork - Almost Perfect.

    First off, I was given this knife as a gift from an uncle that I've never been very fond of. He's a nice fellow, but he's a bit "from the other side of the family" if you get my drift. Anyway he delivered it in person and therefore was exhausted from climbing six flights of stairs, so I offered him a seat and a glass of water (tap, not bottled) and we made polite, albeit small, conversation. He gestured at the box and told me that the Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant was inside and that he wanted me to have it. I was touched but still somewhat confused by an seasonal expression of familial affection. I offered him a cup of coffee or tea, which he declined (I admit I was a bit relieved). Moments late he raised himself from the chair and made motion towards the door.

  • Excelsior859 - I hate this stupid company! A bunch of crooks!

    Not Amazons fault here... Intuit requires new software every couple of years so your payroll subscription works with it. The problem is, you buy new software and still have to pay $269.00 per year for tax table updates. I thought by buying this software I would get a year of payroll updates but no. Still had to spend the extra.

  • Pageman - Worked very well

    Installed this on 3 computers without any issues. It found and removed a bunch of maleware along with some trojen viruses. I did not experience any performance issues on any of the computers it was installed on. Only reason this is not rated a 5 is that I found the interface was not intuitive requiring me to read the help. I also needed to contact support, which I would rate a 5.

  • Hungryeye - A Nut-job speaks and nobody listens excpet to laugh

    Anything written by Australia's number one political nut-job in parliament has got to be considered nothing more than a farce. It's people like Cory who are dragged into the modern world kicking and screaming. He simply can't understand that the values he thinks that were so important to the world...good Christian values, like Christian Brothers and Priests molesting innocent children and the Catholic Church putting their collective head in the sand about it have caused the kind of apathy that old Cory thinks needs a wake up call. Cory is Australian politics resident nutter, every time he speaks the entire country laughs. There's no room, or desire for his misguided and recalcitrant views in modern Australia, we've moved on Cory. Women are free to do as they please and only a small deluded minority care about your outdated values. You'll say Margaret Thatcher was great...she was also prepared to see Nelson Mandela rot in jail...go figure? Your conservative revolution Cory will be a whimper, a fart before a new dawn, whereby people shake off the old ways, stop electing idiots with nothing to add to Australian society but deluded outdated views that amount to nothing more than a whinge. As a Liberal voting friend of mine once said " Cory Bernardi makes me embarrassed that I even voted Liberal" combine that with Tony Abbott and you have one of the most negative Australian Governments, populated by a league of nutters to ever run the country...and people are getting sick of it..quickly