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  • Emily - Excellent.

    This hair product is truly the best. This particular product was used every time I went to the salon. I was pleased with the results, so I went and bought a bottle of my own. You will not be disappointed! It's especially good if you wash your hair, and, before blow drying it, you rub it in your hands, and just smooth it all over the wet hair. Blowdry as normal (I usually do it with a large brush), and the hair comes out silky, shiny, and gorgeous. It also smells great too! Finish off with a flat iron, and your hair will look absolutely amazing! (I have very long, around 3 ft of hair, and this can handle it!)

  • Jeagrace - National Park Quarters Album

    Very nice album. The coins are secure and covered by a protective clear covering so that you can see both the front and back of coin. Lots of information about the coins and each park included in the album. I would like to order another one.

  • C. Wheat - Pepsi or Coke

    Asking which is better XBone or PS4 is like asking which is better Peosi or Coke? Or having the old lady ask "where's the beef?". Ou will ultimately side with the brand of your choice.

  • Duer - Hard to distinguish open ground vs correct

    Tester works, but can be a little tricky to read. When the middle light is on, the light feeds over to the other sides, especially the other yellow light, making it look like it could be on. I didn't like it -- it made me keep second guessing whether certain receptacles were open ground or correct. I would've designed it so that there were walls between each of the lights.

  • Julwes - Actually a fabulous towel!

    I didn’t know if this towel would truly be as great as it says since I’ve bought less expensive micro fiber cloths before and they often were not so great. HOWEVER, this towel is actually really quite excellent! I got the smaller one and it’s gray with the green thread edging.

  • L. Campbell - Awesome

    This stuff grows like crazy. However, the color is a lighter shade of green than my surrounding grass. The blades of grass are also noticeably thinner than the existing grass. I suspect both will be less noticeable next season. I'm just happy to have grass - I've never been able to make it grow before.

  • Eric Carlson - I love this little lantern

    The Vitchelo *New Release* Ultra Bright Rechargeable Camping Hanging Led Lantern Flashlight Combo for Campers Tents Outdoor - Portable & Collapsible Emergency Blackout Lights Hurricane Lamp w/ 3600 mAh Power Bank is definitely a product that the camper should never be without. I love this little lantern. Very heavy duty durable rubber outer protection, this lantern collapses so that it has a very small footprint in your backpack. The light is super bright yet has different settings to be used as a trouble light or a flashlight. This lantern will also charge your phone through its USB port. This is a beautifully designed piece of equipment. An awesome all around lantern that I highly recommend.