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Diamond Podiatry - Podiatry in Bethlehem and Quakertown, PA - Diamond Podiatry is located in Quakertown, Macungie and Bethlehem, PA. We specialize in bunion & foot surgery, heel pain and diabetic foot care. Call today!

  • Our Podiatrists - Podiatrists in Bethlehem, PA - Drs. Diamond, Bernstein and Lee specialize in podiatric care around the Bethlehem, Macungie and Quakertown, PA area. Call today to schedule an appointment!
  • Bethlehem Office - Podiatrists in Bethlehem, PA - Our Bethlehem podiatry office offers convenient hours and we accept a wide variety of insurance plans. Call today to schedule an appointment in our office.
  • Quakertown Office - Podiatrists in Quakertown, PA - Our Quakertown podiatry office offers convenient hours and we accept a wide variety of insurance plans. Call today to schedule an appointment in our office.
  • Bunion Surgery - Podiatrists in Bethlehem, PA - Ready to end your pain from Bunions? Diamond Podiatry offers Bunion Surgery to give you the relief you deserve. Call us today to schedule your consultation!
  • Diabetic Foot Care - Podiatrists in Quakertown, PA - Take care of your feet can be an added challenge when you have diabetes. Our Quakertown podiatrists can offer assistance & care when you need it. Call today!
  • Diabetic Wound Care - Podiatrists in Bethlehem, PA - Diabetes can cause a decrease in your body’s ability to fight infections; it’s especially harmful in your feet. Care for your diabetic wounds by calling today!
  • Diabetic Foot Nerve Pain - Podiatrists in Bethlehem and Quakertown, PA - Diabetes can often cause nerve pain or damage in ones feet. We provide a wide variety of up-to-date treatments to help your nerve pain. Call our offices today!
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery - Podiatrists in Bethlehem, PA - After all other options have been exhausted; foot surgery may be a final way to resolve your persistent foot pain. Call our Quakertown podiatry office today!

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  • Amazon Customer - 2014 Ford Mustang--works great!

    Works great. The seller provides a link to YouTube videos and paper instructions to install the remote starter. Everything went as advertised and as planned. The hardest/longest part was removing the trim panels to access the wiring harness. Overall a easy project.

  • William J. Hampton - Arrived on time and worked as promised

    It came on time and is a Microsoft product. I do not like the bland "white" background of the software and plan to do some research and see if it can't be brought back to the colors of the 2010 version. I have not used it much to see the additions from the 2010 version. I have always enjoyed Microsoft software and I am sure I will get adjusted to it and it will work well. But at my age it will take longer to adjust to it. I did not mind the Key Card rather than the Disc version since both methods do provide a continuation of using the software when I get a new computer to replace my old one. Obviously Microsoft has found a way to keep people from stealing the use of their software and we should put up with their self interest because it is right for them to protect their business interest.

  • KimInAL - wonderful! and at a great price!

    I purchased two of these after watching a few videos comparing these to another 4 letter brand. These are phenomenal. I like my coffee almost scalding and will not drink it once it has cooled off. These cups keep my coffee hot enough for me for approximately 3 hours.

  • dovster62 - Microsoft "help" not free and no help

    I recently purchased a new laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 pre-installed. When I tried to register the product using the Product Key (taken directly from the computer's label) the code was not accepted and I received an Invalid Product Key response. I called the computer manufacturer's help-line (Sony) and was told that this was a common problem with Microsoft Office 2010, and they referred me to Microsoft itself. For the next three days I tried to contact a Microsoft "help" tech, both through the internet and by telephone with what I thought would be a simple problem requiring a simple fix. But noooooo . . . Talk about being run around in circles. In the end my option was to either pay a Microsoft contracted help-line (OMNI) to "fix" the problem, or pay Microsoft directly ($39 / $49) to use their help-service in order to fix a problem with THEIR software. WARNING: if you have any problems with Microsoft software, beware. Unless you're willing to pay additional fees to fix problems with THEIR products you're SOL!!!

  • Mr. David C. Hastings - New Features ....New & Old Bugs

    Most of my problems have to do with how the stock portfolio handles options and how it handles short sales when reporting capital gains.