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Welcome | DHI-Provo - DHI-Provo creates herd and feed management software through our experience in the industry and by listening to our customers.

  • DHI-Plus - DHI-Plus Herd Management Software is the most complete herd management and analysis tool on the market.
  • Pocket DHI-Plus - Pocket DHI-Plus easily integrates RFID accessories to quickly scan a cow tag and view the animal's record, allowing critical decisions to be made cow-side.
  • EZfeed - EZfeed helps to streamline your feed management and the financial benefits are seen immediately.
  • EZweights - EZweights is a program that can track any commodity coming across a scale to or from an operation.
  • eReports - eReports is a low-cost solution that allows customers to use DHI-Provo's Dairy Records Processing service and receive electronic reports.
  • Access-DHI - Access-DHI is specifically offered to herd consultants, veterinarians, and nutritionists as a tool for herd analysis and to coordinate herd management.
  • SuperV for Technicians - SuperV is a test-day data entry tool that will give the dairy producer immediate test-day results.

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  • Hannah Davis - REALLY LIKING IT!

    I am writing this review on Friday, March 14 2014 My friends, husband's family and mom started on Zija and they lost a good amount of weight. It was great to see! I told them I was not interested at all! Well, someone on my husband's side said they just didn't like the taste of the SmartMix. so she gave it to my husband. I threw it in the back of our pantry because I was not going to use it and neither was he. Fast forward Monday, March 10 2014 and I woke up and said what they heck I just want to try it. I was starting Les Mills BodyPump and wanted something to go along with it. I am to the point that I am trying to lose the baby weight. I had tried other things and I was just over it!

  • B. Montie - Great book

    Great for the new GRE. I took the GRE before it changed, did ok. I then used this book to study for the new GRE and did significantly better.

  • richard fardy - No mre shin splints!!

    This is the best health aid that I ever purchased. When I go to bed, it is just there ready to go. Since I began using it, I have had no aches or pains. I am 70 years old and play tennis almost every day. No more shins splints.

  • Josh Rodriguez - It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the ...

    This is a hitters ball for sure. It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the average rec ball but once you get use to it there is no other ball like this out there.