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Dettol New Zealand | Health and Hygiene - Dettol has been trusted by medical professionals for generations to kill germs and protect family health. Protect yourselves against harmful disease and bacteria with Dettol.

  • About us | Dettol - Launched over 80 years ago, Dettol has been a leader in germ protection helping to safeguard the health of families around the world through better hygiene.
  • Over 80 years of family protection | Health and hygiene | Dettol - For over 80 years Dettol antiseptic has been trusted by medical professionals. It is now an essential part of family protection and a healthy, hygienic home.
  • What Drive Us | Dettol - For over 80 years Dettol has helped protect family health by preventing infections with its unrivalled germ protection. Make Dettol part of your healthy and happy family.
  • All products | Cleaning products | Dettol - Dettol cleaning products help you to protect your family from germs. Our product range includes hand washing and cleaning products as well as disinfectant.
  • Multipurpose | Dettol - Find the perfect cleaning product and disinfectants for home cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom cleaning purposes.
  • Your Family | Dettol - Make your home a happy one with our family health, home cleaning and hygiene tips, brought to you by Dettol.
  • Pregnancy advice | Health and Hygiene | Dettol - Caring for your baby starts even before your bump arrives. If you’re a first time mum you’ll probably have all sorts of pregnancy questions, but even experienced mums need a little help and advice.
  • Newborn care | Health and Hygiene | Dettol - Nothing is as exciting as bringing your newborn baby home. It’s a moment you’ll treasure forever. But it can also be quite a daunting time, especially if you’re new to baby care.
  • Bringing baby home | Immunisation advice | Dettol - Bringing your baby home for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. Follow our simple baby care tips from hygiene to vaccinations to keep your baby healthy
  • Nappy Changing | Dettol - Nappy changing is a big part of being a new mum. Follow our baby changing tips and advice on good hygiene to help reduce the risk of nappy rash.
  • Bathing your baby | Dettol - Get healthy tips on sponge bathing and tub bathing your baby, including cleaning little creases, umbilical cord care and disinfecting baby’s tub with Dettol
  • Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding your Baby | Dettol - Get breastfeeding and bottle feeding tips, plus find out how good hand hygiene with Dettol can help kill germs and bacteria to keep you and your baby healthy
  • Infant & Toddler Development | Dettol - Protect your little one from germs with these hygiene tips for the toddler years! Tips and advice brought to you by Dettol for teething and potty training.
  • Teething | Dettol - Learn the signs of teething and how a little gentle brushing and good hand hygiene with Dettol can help to keep your baby’s gums and first teeth healthy

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  • Mark M, - So far everything is great. Some reviews said there was an odor

    So far everything is great. Some reviews said there was an odor. This unit does not produce any odor. Very quite, it might have a cooling fan but if it does, there is no noise. With one 23" computer and a few other items plugged in, it appears to draw about 60w peak and the unit indicates that it will have power for about 2 hours.

  • RAMSES MEZA ARMENTA - very good upgrade

    I am very happy with this up grade, its working great in my ssun es8000, it was very easyJet to instala and it is working very fast with no problems

  • J. Sharp - Works wonders for keratin overgrowth—but you have to commit to it and keep it up for months.

    This stuff really works—for thickening toenails, and keratin overgrowth. Two doctors diagnosed my problem as nail fungus. I took several rounds of crazy meds to treat a fungus and had bloodwork done to make sure it wasn't damaging my liver--and it didn't do anything. I tried all kinds of things, tea tree oil, over the counter treatments. Finally, I went to a good dermatologist who had lab work done. Turns out it wasn't a fungus, only keratin overgrowth. The dermatologist said there wasn't much I could do, try hair, skin and nail vitamins. That didn't do it.

  • dawn - Love this product

    This product worked exactly as it says! After the first use my skin was soft and glowing. I read a lot of reviews about whether the product actually peeled dead skin. For anyone who is skeptical about the product, I can assure you, the first time you use it you will be amazed. It works best when applied to dry skin and you will notice the amount of dead skin removed will vary depending on the length of time between each use. Great product

  • Yichao Yang - EXCELLENT monitor

    EXCELLENT monitor! At least for me. It's light, beautiful and most importantly not expensive. The shipment is fast and for now it works properly. I also tried it with L4D and i think 4ms response time is enough foe most pc games and players. BTW it provides only VGA cable, if you want to hdmi, like me, you need to prepare it yourself.