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Dermage Spa - Dermage Spa | The Best Massage, Facial, Skincare, Waxing, Botox, Fairfield County, Ct. - Located in Wilton, Ct. We are known for our excellence and dedication in providing the most therapeutic spa services in Fairfield County. We offer the very best in wellness, relaxation, stress reduction and personalized service. All of our Facial Treatments, Massage, Body Treatments and Waxings are performed by a highly trained, licensed and professional staff. Our Medical services such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm and Laser procedures are performed by our medical staff.

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  • Max Headspace - All dead batteries.

    Started off with the BG1 saying the battery was dead before my first test. Fresh battery install, but still dead. Replaced with another new battery, got one test out of it, then dead battery error and wouldn't test. Went to photo shop and bought brand new battery. Got two tests out of that battery, then dead battery error, and no more tests. After three brand new batteries, I no longer think it's the batteries. Customer service just says replace battery. No, I'm going to replace the BG1 with some other option. My two stars are for the utility of the device, if it worked. Auto-logging is great. But only great if the device works.

  • dave - Nice Upgrade

    I installed this on my '08 Roadliner using just a metric socket set. This is perfect for me because it's not too loud around the neighborhood while I limp-wrist the throttle. Once on the road, however, it opens up with a nice tone and volume at normal speeds. And when you lay into the throttle, it really barks loud. The part I like best is that it provides the bike with noticeably better throttle response than the stock muffler. I didn't install any additional electronics or intake modifications and it really like this simple configuration. I have made several mods to my bike but this slip-on is my favorite one. The quality of this product is excellent but the price seems a bit high so only 4 stars.

  • ✨ ☠ 💜 🦄 🌙 🔮 🕸 Erin Layne - My new favorite floaty.

    Uuuuniiicoooorn!!! My new favorite floaty. ;} There are similar floats everywhere these days, but not quite like this one; this is a unicorn of a different color! I am in love with the alternating pink and purple stripes, the bright green horn, and especially the lilac muzzle. It really adds to the personality of this mythical inflatable and, indeed, creates a likeness to the actual Unicorn emoji that has gained popularity over the course of 2016.

  • Hazz Design - Beautiful Design but Baby Hates It

    This claims to have a tree swing motion, but not one of the motions is swing-like. In fact all of them are basically the same. This is too expensive to risk that your baby won't like it. Plus the mobile doesn't even move at all. It is supposed to shake but the motion even on the fastest setting is too slow to get it to shake visibly. Another issue is that it is incredibly heavy, so if you thought it would replace a bouncy seat, it can't. You will have to set it up and leave it. Wish it was better. I really wanted to like it. The materials and design are really well done. It just falls short functionally.

  • Mary - Apparently not tasty enough :-(

    While this appears to be an excellent dry dog food, my dog just simply doesn't like it very well. She has multiple allergies, chicken among them. I had her on Addiction Kangaroo, which she loves, but it has "chicken fat" way down in the ingredient list. While it was a tiny amount, it still contributed to her allergen load. I was thrilled to find this food which has nothing she's allergic to. While switching her over, I saw she ate the Addiction first and often stopped eating when it was gone. When she had nothing but the Zignature, she would pick at it and beg for treats. I left her on this for some months but she never grew to like it. I've switched back to the Addiction, giving in to her at last, and she's happy with her food again. Oh, to be a pampered pooch...

  • Nuri K - Cheaper and VERY convenient if you don't have a car

    Been using it for 3 months, heavy duty (as in, several batches everyday) at my house. Already refilled the carbonator twice.

  • laudip - Not the best PES game ever made

    i purchased this game because i am a huge fan of Pro Evolution Soccer and i really like the realistic feel provided by the previous game. PES 2014, what the hell where they thinking, the engine is still in progress or it is probably meant for the PS4. the garphics are really good but the players do not look like them. the African players look nothing like them which is really bad. if you want to buy this game because you like PES to death like me then you can buy it, but if you are looking for an updated roster for the current season and to continue where you left off from the previous PES games then don't buy it because this will look like crap to you. value your money and keep playing PES 2013 because it is a hundred times better than this game. hope this helps.