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  • Jason C. Mortenson - Excellent for Correcting Digestive Disorders

    Unlike most reviewers here, I am not a bodybuilder. Instead, I use protein powders for correcting digestive problems. I'm prone to bacteria imbalances and inflammation in my small intestine which make it hard for me to digest meat and cheese. Forget about building muscle. As a result, I rely on protein powders for my protein, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I get to avoid the negative side of meat consumption and besides, I get higher quality protein from whey. Over the years, I've tried many protein powders (from not only whey but also egg, soy, pea, rice, etc.). Remember that I have digestive problems, so I can tell you which ones cause symptoms and which ones don't. This Optimum Nutrition Whey is the only one that doesn't. Why? Probably because it doesn't contain a bunch of weird carbohydrates and sweeteners that ferment in my gut. This stuff is sweetened only slightly and did not cause me to bloat like so many other protein powders. Also, I've noticed that most protein blends have some other forms of protein in them, such as soy or casein. This one is 100% whey, as it should be. No hard to digest carbs, no hard to digest proteins. This brand, in my experience, is the most effective one for rebuilding a damaged intestinal lining and for easily absorbing the complete proteins that many of us have a hard time digesting.

  • Zymok - Unacceptable software license terms

    From a hardware perspective, I suppose this drive is fine. My issue is with the license terms of the software that comes with it.

  • Phil O. - Patiently, clearly explained, in nice small segments

    A person working on Excel for the very first time might try something like Professor Teaches Excel 2010, which walks through at an extremely basic "type in this, now push enter button," etc. level for the very simplest starter uses of it. In any event, let me wholeheartedly recommend this set. The instructor is obviously deeply knowledgeable and has carefully thought through which details to explain. He goes beyond simple "do this" instruction to help us understand why a certain feature is that way, the benefits and uses of it. Also he advises of pitfalls and gives practical tips, for example, your co-worker with another version of Excel may see this, so you can do this or that, etc. This makes us effective in real everyday collaborating environments. I love the short segments that allow me to make progress every day, at my own rate, with a clear sense of what matters I have covered. This format helps me engage more and progress more steadily than a typical printed manual does.

  • elizabeth armor - Plot twists

    This book was recommended to me as a book you couldn't put down. It proved to be one that I read in two sittings getting up early to finish it . It was a great first book by the author, but maybe because I was warned by reading the reviews first, I almost saw the end coming. You knew because of all the relatives with inside info on the abduction, something more would happen, and it seems obvious to me who would be the one to do it. Very good read, and it does stay with you.

  • Bolster - A big step forward and a leap back

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a huge Gran Turismo fan, and I originally bought the PS3 just for GT5. As such, I am probably a statistical outlier in the world of Game console owners. Over the years, I've come to love the PS3 for Netflix, Youtube, Blu Ray movies, and it's flexibility in handling media.