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Home Page - Dentavision is an Australian owned full service dental supply company and we sell directly to the dental profession through our experienced sales force and product specialists, together with our knowledgeable customer service staff.Dentavision has been providing the best possible service to clients since 1990 and we are the fastest growing dental supply company in Australia and one of the largest retail sales companies of consumable products.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 138.6122 South Australia, Australia

  • faolin - also effective taken as a pill

    My primary care couldn't find a source for my macrocytic anemia, and I did some research that brought me to methyl B12. I started taking the Jarrow formula an hour before breakfast every day, to maximize absorption on an empty stomach. Six weeks later, my bloodwork was NORMAL for the first time in years. I'm less irritable and have noticeably more energy. As a bonus, I was rarely sick this winter, and when I was it was a very mild version of whatever was circulating.

  • D. Meyer - Came highly recommended.

    I found the composing of simple melodies for my use in my elementary music classes to be cumbersome and slower than by hand. But I got this for the printing and storage capabilities, and it is satisfactory for these purposes.

  • marie - It look nice and quality is okaaay

    It look nice and quality is okaaay. The fan I think is a lil noisey but you cant expect alot for the price. Wish the rectangle cover's extentsion was longer though,

  • Luis Fernando Aguilar - Totally worked

    There are a lot of biased reviews on here giving it one star because they failed their drug test, or because it failed to cleanse their System to pass a drug test days later. So let me remind us all it will cleanse your body of toxins but will only mask and or hide THC in your system for a few precious hours. That being said, *** This is a 420 announcement***

  • Paul - SteelSeries QcK Mini MousePad

    I just built my first gaming rig a couple of months ago and so I HAD (you know the feeling) to have a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and appropriate gaming pad. With that said, I purchased both the Razer Sphex and the SteelSeries QcK Mini Gaming MousePads. Neither was expensive and how to choose was the question. So I purchased both.