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Brisbane Dentist, Dentist Taringa - | Dent8 Dental - Dent8 Dental is a local Brisbane dentist, with a beautiful surgery based in Taringa. We provide the best dental care in Taringa and surrounding areas.

  • 404 Page - | Dent8 Dental - At Dent8 Dental you will be provided with the very best of dental care in a beautiful environment that also supports your overall health and wellbeing all the way.
  • Dentist Indooroopilly - | Dent8 Dental - Dent8 Dental in Taringa is less than a 2km journey away which is an enjoyable walk, cycle or short bus/car ride to your dentist appointment.
  • Dentist Toowong - | Dent8 Dental - Dent8 Dental is just under 2km from Toowong, your journey to your dentist appointment has never been so easy.
  • St Lucia Dentist - | Dent8 Dental - Dent8 Dental in Taringa is only a short 4km journey from St Lucia by bike, car or bus. Contact us today on 07 3871 3035 to book an appointment
  • Dr Alannah Freer - | Dent8 Dental - Dr Alannah Freer graduated from University of Queensland in 1982 with honours and has been in private practice for nearly 30 years.
  • Dr Rachael Clem - | Dent8 Dental - Rachael is a member of the Australian Dental Association. She loves the chance to swim laps and soak up some sun and serenity when time permits.
  • Dr Cath Hewitt - | Dent8 Dental - Dr Cath Hewitt has a long history in health care. Her journey began as a Registered Nurse with experience in critical care
  • Dr Alyssa Zhang - | Dent8 Dental - Alyssa graduated from the University of Queensland. Following graduation she has worked in private practice in Brisbane honing her skills.
  • Dr Maria Soares - | Dent8 Dental - Maria has a special interest in Endodontics. She is thrilled to have recently joined Dent8 Dental where she feels she can provide a high level of care to patients.
  • Holistic Dentistry - | Dent8 Dental - Dr Alannah Freer of Dent8 Dental has been developing our her practice around holistic dentistry since 1992, one of the first in Brisbane and the only holistic dentistry dental practice in Taringa.
  • Amalgam Removal - | Dent8 Dental - Amalgam removal involves the careful drilling out of old silver fillings that contain mercury. We remove amalgam safely following the guidelines established by IAOMT.
  • General Dentistry Services & More - | Dent8 Dental - General dentistry is best described as complete oral care. Dent8 provides a range of general dentistry services for people of all ages.
  • Dentistry for Children - | Dent8 Dental - Dent 8 provides dentistry for children. It is recommended that your child attend their first dental check-up at 12 months of age.
  • Fillings - | Dent8 Dental - Some people are sensitive to the ingredients in certain dental materials and we aim to provide the safest dental materials available.
  • Dental Cleaning - | Dent8 Dental - The dental cleaning process involves removing plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria containing film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time.
  • Teeth Whitening - | Dent8 Dental - Whitening your teeth, brightens your smile and improves the way you feel about yourself. Call Dent8 Dental to find out more about teeth whitening.
  • Dental Crown and Bridge-work - | Dent8 Dental - All our dental crown and bridge work is Australian made by Hade Dental Laboratory Kenmore from certified Swiss and German dental materials. Metal free crowns provide a strong and beautiful biocompatible solution
  • Root Canal - | Dent8 Dental - At Dent8 care is taken throughout the root canal treatment process. We use a local anaesthetic and in many cases there is no pain during the root canal procedure.

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    City: 151.1969 New South Wales, Australia

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