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David Ross Patient - I am David Patient. I have lived with HIV and AIDS since my diagnosis in 1983. I guess I am what is called a long-term survivor...

  • Publications by David Ross Patient - Publications by David Ross Patient: A practical guide to planning a Peer Education or Wellness Programme, Secrets, Positive Health 6th Edition 2013, Choices: All about HIV & AIDS, The Healer Inside you

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  • R. Rivera - Gets the job done.

    I needed this textbook for one of the computer courses I was taking at my school, and didn't want to pay it's full price at the book store on my campus. Thankfully through this seller I found the very book I needed at a great price. As for the content of the book, its simple and easy to understand. Nothing remotely difficult to comprehend, it is a book designed for those that aren't computer savvy or have any knowledge before hand. (Like I said I needed for a course, but I am in no way new to computers, in fact I'm quite the opposite) That said, it's a good buy and I will likely buy from the same seller in the future if I find great deals on textbooks that I need to acquire for school.

  • Tiffany Smith - Loving this so far

    I was so excited to get this Ohuhu Expandable hitch tray cargo carrier for the roof. Lately I've been taking so many trips and having to ship items back home because I've bought too much. I put the carrier on top of my suv roof just to see how it would fit and LOVE it. I won't have to ship too much back now this holder and carry alot. It's supposed to be weather proof and fire proof. Well the test will be when I go to VA to my moms from New York. I seems to be very durable etc but I have to test it out further.

  • Andrew - Rent Vs Qwn

    Welcome to digital servitude. This is a gigantic bait and switch. The first year cost maybe 360! but 600 or even 800 a year. Once the public adopts this there will be not more ownereship Software. They have run the numbers and this cleaver way to raise prices will keep costing more and more. The Story that they are telling Wall Street and the Story they tell Users are not the same. Wall street heres Growth a big one for them and they hear fixed high month to month revenue. Well The truth is we all loose with this the Adobe we once loved is gone and is now a greedy giant with crappy CSR and Sales!. The price has jumped three times. This is now like the days of the landlord where people lived on his Land farmed it he got Rich and they got a place to live. Kind of like the DarkAges of Adobe!

  • D. Hav-01 - D.Hav#1

    These look absolutely amazing on my 11 Jeep G.C. Like other reviews the brake cover is gonna put up a fight! HOT HOT soapy water is key for 3 to 5 minutes prior to install.