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CYC-I : Child & Youth Psychiatric Consult Project of Iowa - - The Child and Youth Psychiatric Consult Program of Iowa (CYC-I) is a service for Primary Care Providers (PCPs) caring for children and youth with mental and behavioral health needs. In collaboration with Child Health Specialty Clinics, University of Iowa Child Psychiatry and the Community Circle of Care.

  • Upcoming Educational Events : Mood and Meds: Weighing the Risks and Benefits for Kids - - Iowa and Regional Upcoming Mental Health, Child and Youth Educational Conferences, Opportunities and Events

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  • Walter Idol - Works great for the stations I tested and is a significant ...

    Works great for the stations I tested and is a significant improvement over the oem antenna in terms of being able to drive through a carwash. That being said, I live in the city so I would expect signal to be stronger. Moreover, radio is not my first choice in audio, so I was mainly looking for a functional replacement that wasn't so large.

  • crowlady - I love to try new and improved products that will help ...

    as we age our skin has a tendency to loose its elasticity. I love to try new and improved products that will help this aging process slow down. I have wanted to try this product for some time now. I am completely happy with this product and has it has helped the elasticity of my neck and face. My fine lines and wrinkles have diminished with my continued use. I have had many people comment on my more youthful appearance of late. Would I buy this product again? yes I would..Would I recommend this product to other people? Yes I would including friends and family..I absolutely think this is great product. All opinions are my own and they are not influenced by anyone but myself. If this review was helpful please vote yes below.

  • PcWizMan - The last hand warmer I'll buy

    This hand warmer is amazing! I got tired of constantly purchasing the disposable hand warmers so I decided to give this one a try. It's amazing. It's warm but not too warm and it could last 24+ hours. The fuel I use for it is a combination of vm&p naptha and ronsonol, I found that by using this 50/50 mixture the hand warmer will last longer. I think I got it to last almost 36 hours once. I really like how you could replace the catalyst which is great, they also last really long I think mine lasted two years with extremely heavy use! This is a great hand warmer I highly recommend it, I'm planning on buying the new camouflage ones soon.

  • LadyBlue - Must taste horrible

    This seems to work "when I can get my cat to take it." He hates the taste even when I sneak it into tuna water or fishy cat foods. Too bad it doesn't have a desirable flavor. It only takes a few drops each day but getting those few drops administered is hard to do