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Pain Management Specialist Englewood | Colorado Pain Consultants - Colorado Pain Consultants concentrates on treating Musculoskeletal and Spinal pain conditions with Non-surgical and Interventional Pain Management procedures.

  • General Appointment - Joseph H. Fillmore | Colorado Pain Consultants - Dr. Fillmore, Physiatrist (physical rehabilitation, Pain Management Specialist. For all appointments and inquiries, please call (303) 792-2959
  • Philosophy - CPC, Englewood | Colorado Pain Consultants - Colorado Pain Consultants providers each patient is individually evaluated and treatment recommendations are tailored to each person’s unique situation.
  • Dr. Joseph Fillmore - Physiatrist Englewood | Pain Management Specialist CO - Dr. Joseph H. Fillmore, specializes in physical rehabilitation, pain medicine, musculoskeletal, spinal pain and electrodiagnostic services at Colorado Pain
  • Jonathan Clapp, MD, MS - Jonathan Clapp, MD, MS PhysiatristAcute and Chronic Pain ManagementIntegrative MedicineJon Clapp is a physiatrist with a special interest in treating
  • Contact - Dr. Fillmore Englewood | Physiatrist | Colorado Pain Consultants - Dr. Fillmore is a pain management specialist & physiatrist in Englewood. For all appointments and inquiries, please call (303) 792-2959.
  • Multimedia Patient Education Englewood | Colorado Pain Consultants - Click the link to know more about Multimedia Patient Education videos in englewood at colorado pain consultants.
  • Conditions - Knee Pain | Neck & Back Pain | Headaches - Click the link to know more about Neck Pain, Back Pain, Muscle and Nerve Pain, Fibromyalgia, Knee Pain, Headaches, Osteoarthritis, Shoulder Pain conditions.
  • Neck Pain - The first 7 vertebral bones on the spinal column form the cervical spine and are located in the neck region. Neck pain may occur from muscle strain or everyday.
  • Sports Injuries Englewood | Muscle Pain | Sprains and Strains Denver - Muscle strains are more common injuries in sports. Muscle strain refers to an injury of a muscle or its attaching tendons.
  • Nerve Pain Denver | Neuropathic Pain Englewood | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Neuropathic pain is a condition caused by injury or damage to nerves of the peripheral or central nervous system or diabetes, trauma, and cancer treatment.
  • Fibromyalgia Denver | Sleep Disorder | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CO - Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread body pain and tenderness of the joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues.
  • Hip Pain Englewood | Hip Fracture & Injury | Orthopaedic Surgeon CO - Hip pain, may not always be felt precisely over the hip joint. Pain may be felt in and around the hip joint and the cause for pain is multifactorial.
  • Knee Pain Englewood | Knee Ligament Injuries Englewood, CO - Knee pain not only affects movement but also impacts the quality of life of the individual. An injury or any structure surrounding the knee can result in knee.
  • Headache Englewood | Migraine & Cluster Headaches Denver, CO - Depending upon the cause, headaches can be divided into three major categories.Primary, Secondary and Cranial neuralgias, facial pain, and other headaches.
  • Osteoarthritis Denver | Knee Joint replacement surgery Englewood,CO - Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. It occurs most often in older people.
  • Shoulder Pain & Injuries Denver | Rotator Cuff Injury Englewood, CO - Shoulder injuries that cause pain and restrict the movement of shoulders include sprains and strains, dislocation, tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff injury and
  • Cervical Radiculopathy Denver | Spine Surgery | Herniated Disc Denver - Cervical radiculopathy refers to a dysfunction of a nerve root caused by injury or compression of a spinal nerve root in the neck.
  • Lumbar Radiculopathy Denver | Colorado Pain Consultants - Lumbar radiculopathy is a condition in which the spinal nerves around the lumbar region are compressed or pinched leading to pain, numbness, and tingling
  • Swedish Integrative Spine Program - Englewood - Swedish Integrative Spine Program is a unique multi-disciplinary approach for patients with spine-related disorders.
  • Progressive Health Center | Neurological Disorder - The Progressive Health Center addresses a wide range of client needs and conditions through our comprehensive range of integrative therapies.

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    Packaging is very pretty, I love the gold detail. The only thing I don't like about the packaging is that it's a dropper and you don't pinch it to get the product, you push it down, which to me is very risky, you will need to hands, one to hold the bottle to stabilize it while you push down. That to me is not a very smart engineering. I would prefer the pinch one. The container is glass. Very expensive looking packaging in my opinion.

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    I followed the directions, cut my fat and carb intake, took a 30 minute brisk walk each day and lost nothing. I kept this up for two months and have had no results.

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