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COPE Community Services, Inc. | Tucson, AZ - COPE serves as a catalyst for recovery through a best practices approach to creative, flexible, and caring solutions that encompass mental health, substance abuse, and related health and behavioral issues.

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  • Amazon Customer - These are fantastic! I used them during pregnancy when I felt ...

    These are fantastic! I used them during pregnancy when I felt some urinary tract issues starting. I took one daily and had no UTI issues during or after pregnancy.

  • Shannon Price - Great Rocker for "15 Polaris Ranger 900 XP

    Rocker switch/housing fit nicely in dash of '15 Polaris Ranger 900 XP. Instructions and install went pretty simple. Plenty of length to install light bar on lower front of ranger. I rolled up extra set of hookups for 2nd light and left in dash area for future use.

  • Granolachick - Try it. Worth it.

    This was the only thing I took and I saw an increase in my milk. Within 2 days. This is the second time I've had such success with it. Great fan of this product!! It did make me a little gassy, but, I'll deal for a few days for this kind of boost in my milk.

  • MaryB - Inspired and essential for the present times we are facing

    I did read the book straight through. I really wanted to skip ahead because I figured I knew most of the background information. While there were many things I knew, there was a lot that was new and went more in-depth. The author has done serious research and the facts he has uncovered are extremely disturbing. The gem in this book is the plan of action proposed by A Friend of Medjugorge. I was blown away by the last part of the book. It was something I never was aware of. The plan he proposes is easy to comprehend and follow. I was so excited I went on-line to verify. My own research confirmed many things for me. I believe the urgency to take these particular actions will become clear to anyone who checks the facts. Personally, I have no doubt that the book is inspired for the current need. I have never seen such excitement and determination as in those who have read this book so far. After exhausting a friend's supply of them, we ordered more books.

  • Francis D. Long - Highly recommended

    Excellent product, much better than Liverite which I took for years. Not sure if it is coincidental or not but I just got back from my doctor's office where I was told that my LDL (bad)cholesterol had dropped almost 40 points. I haven't changed any eating habits or added any additional supplements so perhaps there is an ancillary benefit to taking this product. At any rate, I have much more energy than I used to have and generally feel better.

  • Harvey Fishman - Superb for swimming

    I love this device. I am a swimmer and I've tried several other swimming devices and this is the most accurate of any of them. They have excellent customer service. They seem very responsive to upgrading their functionality. I think that they are in this for the long game and as their device improves will become even better.

  • QuadATeam - I have to say that so far so good with the insect control

    I have to say that so far so good with the insect control. I will have to reevaluate come September which is "spider season " up here. Although it is for insects and vermin, it doesn't really specify which insects that it repells and which ones it doesn't. I'm more concerned about the spider's because I have had some pretty good sized ones in my home and I am concerned about my kids. I have received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. One more thing that I remembered to add to this review. I have 2 dogs, a bunny, and a couple of chickens in the house. None of them seemed to be bothered by the product, which was a big concern for me. I also wanted to say that I usually get a few bees in the house somehow every year, still haven't figured out how, but anyways I haven't had one so far this summer since having this product.