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Contra Health Scam: Health Scammers' Worst Nightmare! - A pioneer blog dedicated to exposing health scams, health frauds and the scammers behind them. Home of unbiased, in-depth reviews of health products.

  • Acne No More by Mark Walden is A SCAM! (Honest Review) • Contra Health Scam - Real review of Acne No More by Mark Walden. It is a useless scam made by the person behind Yeast Infection No More, Heartburn No More and Pregnancy Miracle.
  • 'Diabetes Destroyer' By David Andrews is A Nonsensical SCAM! Stay Away! • Contra Health Scam - Real, honest review of Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews, an ebook offering a cure for type 2 diabetes. It is nothing but a wicked scam, stay away!
  • Caldoxin Weight Loss Pill is A SCAM! (Unbiased Review) • Contra Health Scam - Unbiased review of new weight loss pill Caldoxin. It is a scam by the same scammer behind Alzaphen and Dexatol. Fake testimonials, insane claims.
  • Over 40 Ab Solution Looks Like A SCAM! (Detailed Review) • Contra Health Scam - Honest review of Over 40 Ab Solution by Shaun Hadsall. It looks a scam, a remake of two older products 14 Day Rapid Fat loss Plan and 4 Cycle Solution.
  • PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric Extract Review: Impressive Product! • Contra Health Scam - PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric Extract is a legit product that provides an effective way of taking well-known superfood turmeric. Read more for details!
  • PHGH Natural Male Enhancement is A SCAM! (Detailed Review) • Contra Health Scam - PHGH Natural Male Enhancement by 'John Lawrence' is a nasty scam that will NOT help your erectile dysfunction problems! Owner is a well-known scammer!
  • Eat Stop Eat By Brad Pilon is NOT A Scam! (Unbiased Review) • Contra Health Scam - Unbiased review of Eat Stop Eat, a weight loss book by nutrition expert Brad Pilon. It is NOT a scam. Feel free to try it!
  • Au Nue Youth Restore and Au Nue Under Eye Serum Are Both SCAMS! (Detailed Review) • Contra Health Scam - Au Nue Youth Restore and Au Nue Under Eye Cream are both scams by a shady company! This review exposes the fakery of these skin care products in details!
  • The ED Miracle is A SCAM! Honest Review! • Contra Health Scam - Comprehensive, unbiased review of The ED Miracle by Tom Bradford. It is a scam with Fiverr actors, author of the eBook is an image bought from Shutterstock!
  • Quantum Vision System is A SCAM! (Unbiased Review) • Contra Health Scam - Real, comprehensive review of Quantum Vision System by Dr William Kemp. It is a scam. Dr Kemp is a paid actor. Testimonials are fake, made with paid actors!
  • Lean Belly Breakthrough Scam Review: Bruce Krahn Defends His Program • Contra Health Scam - Bruce Krahn defends his weight loss product Lean Belly Breakthrough months after it was declared a scam and blacklisted by Contra Health Scam.

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  • natalie - if i could i wouldnt even give it a star ...

    if i could i wouldnt even give it a star i did everything followed directions didnt see a diffrence waist of money

  • Amazon Customer - Footloose

    I got this product as a sample from pinchme. Received two that I could use 4 times. I am 36 and have recently been having foot pain right in my arch next to my heal. I figured what better place to test this out. I used it per the directions. Rubbed it into the area and I have to say that it helped. Now was it completely but it was much easier to walk and stretch the area out so that the pain did go away. I really like how it didn't smell like a pain relief cream. Often they smell super minty. I sometimes get burning sensation in the same area and it worked for that too. And it was great for useing before the gym and after. Part of why my feet hurt these days is because I've gained 50lbs and need to get back at it and now I have no excuse that my feet hurt. I hope that I can get this product with prim. I actually like it.

  • Jon M - This stuff is miraculous

    I've been battling folliculitis, basically acne on my scalp. It's very painful, and hard to get rid of. I've been through multiple prescription treatments, without success. This stuff cleared everything in three days. For the first time in recent memory, I'm completely clear.

  • NC Mom - Wonderful product

    I've used so many products over the years. All help for about a week or so and then back to the drawing board. But with this product - heel cracks are all but gone - and I still wear flip flops daily. It is really wonderful.

  • Wayne - The Benchmark for Redemption

    This is the best version of A Christmas Carol ever made. The acting is superb, led by what would today be an Oscar-winning performance by Alistair Sim.

  • James E. Pricer - even at 100 feet

    I was skeptical that a hose could be easy to use and non-kinking while being a full 100 feet long. It works.