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Comins Pharmacy | Cambridge Pharmacy - Located on Cambridges' Main Street. A full service pharmacy, with a great range of gifts, cosmetics and perfumes. We have knowledgable and friendly staff, who do their best to help you.

  • Comins Pharmacy | Cambridge's Friendly Main Street Pharmacy - We have been serving Cambridge for nearly 9 years now and offer full pharmacy services, as well as quality cosmetics, and gifts. We recently finished in the top ten community pharmacies in NZ!!
  • Comins Pharmacy | Perfume, Clarins, L'oreal, Giftware, Natio & Maybelline - Cambridge's home of Clarins and fine fragrance, we also have a great range of gifts and baby clothes.
  • Comins Pharmacy | Ask the Pharmacist - Craig Comins - We provide a full range of pharmacy services, including flu vaccines, urinary tract infection treatment, smoking cessation, blood pressure and BMI checks, emergency contraception (ECP) and more.
  • Comins Pharmacy | Cambridge | 67 Victoria Street, 07 827 7091 - Located on Cambridges' busy Main Street, next to ASB with access from Halleys Lane.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Judy - Chlorine Tablets

    We have had our pool for 5 years and have finally found Chlorine tablets that work the best! The pool has never been more crystal clear! Thanks for a great product.

  • Jennifer - Great For Pre-Existing Stretch Marks!

    I really can't say praise this product enough! I am highly susceptible to stretch marks. I knew this before I got pregnant because I already had them on my stomach, arms, and legs. I had gained weight steadily (despite diet and excercise, but that's beside the point) and stretch marks developed as a result. I wouldn't even consider myself far or obese and since it wasn't sudden, I realized that my skin type was just more prone to getting them. Other family members have the same problem so I just accepted it as my lot in life. When I got pregnant, I figured I couldn't avoid getting more, but still wanted to research lotions or oils that helped prevent them. I came across this product and purchased it at CVS since I don't necessarily trust these kinds of products ordered offline. I started using it regularly starting at about 18 weeks (23 weeks at the time of this review) and have been very surprised! I have used it primarily on my belly where my stretch marks are the worst and I haven't developed any new stretch marks and the pre existing stretch marks have faded significantly. I was skeptical to see results but I am and I'm very happy about it! I'm also happy about the fact that it's an oil and not a lotion! Lotions make me feel greasy for hours after application, but the oil absorbs quickly and doesn't make me feel gross! Please give this product a try even if you have a skin type like mine and are susceptible the stretch marks!

  • Melo - Happy with the angry look...

    Great look. The screws holes don't line up well but I made it fit. Comes with nothing. Have to use the old hardware from my old grill. No Jeep logo so buy one before. I put the Jeep Cherokee logo, its bigger, looks awesome. All in all...looking to look mad...get it. 20 minutes to myself.

  • M. DERUBEIS - Great product, worth the price

    I have tried lots of eye creams, at 47 the skin around my eyes was really starting to show my age. This cream is the only one that works, and it doesn't irritate my eye area like many other creams did. I am going to keep buying this product, it is worth the $$

  • Rafael B - Its a descent everyday bag

    i was going between a medium and large bag and wanted to make sure ill fit all my college books and my mac book pro on it for college. well, it turns out i got the large to make sure all the books fit nice inside. I'm not sure how well my books would of fit on the medium but with this large size a have room to spare and it doesn't look so bulky on me as well. I'm 6,1ft 175 lbs.

  • A.L. - Works!

    This works very well to get rid of plantar works. Make sure you follow the instructions. When freezing, hold the tip on the wart until it really starts to burn and leave it on for another 15 seconds. This kills the virus and creates a blister underneath it so good skin will replace it. You may need to repeat multiple times but it will get rid of them!

  • Atrain - Love Testro-X.

    I have been taking this for about two weeks. I have been trying to get the energy to do P90x for months now. After taking this for about a week i tried starting over again. Not only did i finish the entire chest and back routine the first time but i've been pushing through all of the exercises. I've also been doing the 22 pushup challenge on top of my regular workout and still have the energy for that after my p90x workout. Oh and did i mention i've got a newborn who doesn't sleep through the night still have the energy for my workout. Love Testro-X.