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Com & Health | Agence Conseil en Communication Santé - Com&Health, agence conseil en communication santé grand public. Réflexion stratégique, stratégie digitale, trade marketing, expertise officine et industrie ...

  • L'Agence - Com & Health - Soutenue par l’expérience “Grand public” de plus de 15 ans du Groupe Complus, Com&Health offre à ses clients l’expertise de ce marché et de ses spécificités.
  • Métier - Com & Health - Accompagner une marque santé aujourd’hui, c’est la faire grandir en créant une relation expérientielle constante avec ses cibles, entre proposition experte et coaching avisé.
  • Conviction - Com & Health - Au cœur de la stratégie de marque santé, un concept concret et tactique, traduit en autant d’idées créatives que de connexions avec ses cibles.
  • Méthode - Com & Health - Com & Health Agence en communication santé on et off, découvrez notre méthode.
  • Pré-requis - Com & Health - Parce que la pharmacie est une expression concrète de l’évolution actuelle du système de santé.

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • Amazon Customer - What a wonderful car seat

    What a wonderful car seat! We originally were looking at the Clek Foonf but decided to give this one a try considering the slightly cheaper price. It is very solid and sturdy. The materials appear to be of high quality. Yes, there is some assembly but once done, that is it. We have not yet had to adjust for weight so I can't comment on that. You do have to change the angle of the seat once your child is at a certain weight.

  • erin - Got off 4 prescriptions with this!

    I did this cleanse 5 months ago. At the time I was on 4 prescription medications for IBS and acid reflux and my doctor wanted to add in a 5th and said diet wouldn't make a significant difference. My chiropractor suggested I try the cleanse. I was able to get off all medications and have never felt better. My energy level greatly increased as well with no change to the amount of time sleeping.

  • Daniel - suck out blackheads

    The first use, stopped on skin for a bit long time so my skin became purple, and did not suck out many blackheads as I use it directly did not open the pores. I got the hang of how to use it properly after inquired ETTG customer service, it did suck out many blackheads and fat. My nose feels good and smooth after suck out the stubborn blackheads. This tool also works well on my chin and cheek. My face always become oil soon after facial cleaning, this small kit helped me get out of the embarrass situation.

  • Abbie Huynh - Heads up

    Warning this is not the core edition one so when I went to school, a lot of my pages were off from the core edition book. I should have made sure before buying the book

  • Kolef88 - Good Blades; so so Handles

    I bought a smaller set of these knives just to be nice to a son's classmate selling them as a summer job. Have not sent them back for free sharpening yet because the blades are still sharp after five years. However, my only complaint is that the handles look cheap and do not fit comfortably into the hand.