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CMC, Clinical Management Concepts Home - CMC offers a program that goes far beyond the traditional claims processing features of other PBM programs. We reduce health costs through DUR & interventions.

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  • M. godley - Only 4 months and this

    After spending $375 to get ACT to work after it wouldn't load one day, my tech said I would have to reinstall my operating system to possibly get it to work. He installed my database on another unused computer in the office after numerous uninstalls and installs and it works on it for now. IT SUCKS and as soon as I can figure out how to convert it to another application I will. DON'T BUY!!!

  • Francis J. Indihar - K-1's in question

    Last year your entries for K-1's "Low income housing" such as "Boston Capitol" series did not agree with my CPA's entries. So he said use his entries instead. This years , I just don't know whose I'll be using. I recognize it's complex. I used "Tax Cut" and your instructions.

  • Amazon Customer - Works for me

    It works. Period. I'm 49 and don't want to take the synthetic stuff. This has helped my performance.

  • puplum - I like this

    Works for me. I take two capsules in the morning, and two afternoon. The only side effect - a little diarrhea feeling, not diarrhea itself, just the feeling. Also a little tingling on my tong and face lets me know it is actually working. I watch what I eat and exercise - on average loosing 2 lbs per week, not more. I like this product

  • Anonymous - By far the least fun version of this game we have

    By far the least fun version of this game we have. Lame music and uninteresting choreography. Just not enjoyable to play. We're sticking with the previous games instead.

  • Maggie - What's with the price increase?!?

    I bought a jar of this six months ago. Paid $34. I thought that was a lot. Now it's selling for $48?!?! It did help soothe various minor skin issues within the family, but I'm not paying fifty bucks for it!

  • John - Inbound Sound Quality Still Bad

    I originally added this message to another reviewer, but I decided to add it here, so I can rate it a one-star: