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Clear Chemist | UK Pharmacy & Online Doctor | Prescriptions Online - Clear Chemist is a UK licensed Online Pharmacy and online chemist, providing over 15000 Medicines. We dispense Prescriptions and offer an Online Doctor service. Experts in Pain Relief, Malaria, Hayfever, Impotence and Hairloss.

  • Clear Chemist | Clear Chemist - Clear Chemist is an online pharmacy, registered and based in the UK, providing over 10,000 health and prescription products online at low prices. Our range of online products includes medicines, prescription drugs, and perfumes, plus an online doctor service.
  • Embarrassing | Clear Chemist - Clear Chemist offers a range of many different treatments and medicines for all those conditions that can be a little embarrassing. Whether it's constipation or diarrhoea, IBS or worms, skin conditions or fungal infections, or anything else you feel embarrassed about, we can help with our wide range of products. We don't think anyone should be embarrassed about treating their medical problems, so if you'd rather order online, you'll get the treatment you need delivered discreetly, direct to your door.
  • Medicines | Clear Chemist - Clear Chemist stocks a huge range of medicines, treatments and cures, for all types of ailments from headaches to hayfever are all delivered directly to your door. Our competitive prices mean you can keep all the family fit and healthly or stock up your medicine cabinet for a fraction of the cost of the high street.
  • Sexual Health | Clear Chemist - Sexual Health at Clear Chemist. Sexual Health products including Condoms and Contraceptives, impotence treatments and Lubricants and much more.
  • Thrush | Clear Chemist - Wide range of thrush treatment available to treat vaginal, penile and oral thrush to buy from Clear Chemist online, including pessaries,canestan cream and tablets all at low prices that can't be beaten.
  • Hayfever | Hay Fever Remedies | Clear Chemist - Hay fever remedies, to help treat all the symptoms of allergic reactions. Brands including Piriton, Clarityn, and Zirtek available at low prices.
  • Toiletries | Clear Chemist - Shop for a wide range of toiletries, including deodorants, haircare and dental products and much more. Order online with Clear Chemist and have them delivered to your door.
  • Travel | Clear Chemist - Shop for goods for travel. Clear Chemist stock anti malarials and insect repellent as well as sting relief and bite treatment. We also sell contraception and sun cream as well as travel adapters, batteries and first aid kits.
  • Vitamins and Minerals | Clear Chemist - Shop for Vitamins and Minerals for our huge range. Buy Vitamin A, D, C and K and many other health supplements . Order online at Clear Chemist and have them delivered to your door.
  • Sale | Clear Chemist - Welcome to the Clear Chemist Sale. Why not grab a bargain. You'll find cheap prices on a range of products.
  • Lambretta Viva Italia Gift Set | Clear Chemist - Lambretta Viva Italia Gift Set consists of a 100ml eau de toilette spray and a 150ml shower gel, the ideal gift for him.Brought to you at great value from Clear Chemist.

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  • Amy La - OMG just get it!

    This product is amazing and earth friendly. I own a cleaning business and this is a staple product for me. Check out their website for everything it can do. Much cheaper here on Amazon.

  • Ayzed - Do not buy this!

    This is a cheap, lousy China product that doesn't work properly. The video resolution is only 720x480 (not 1280x960 as advertised). There is absolutely no way to remove or correct the time display (even following the online documentation instructions). Some garbage appears at the lower right of the screen in big writing no matter what you do (deleting the TAG.TXT file, even). The back light keeps blinking anyway once you start recording. If this is a low battery warning, it's very premature and very stupid because anyone can see the strange light reflecting off your shirt. The USB connecting socket is too thick and knocks into the SD card so you cannot connect directly from the device (the socket cannot go all the way in as it hits the card halfway). I am VERY disappointed.

  • ConedogersDotCom - This monitor doesn't have a bluetooth connection, and you ...

    This monitor doesn't have a bluetooth connection, and you need to use the older IPhone connector. The device worked well for about a month of taking daily measurements, but then started to get a little flaky. Sometimes the monitor fails to connect to the IOS device, other times it doesn't take accurate measurements which requires you to take several readings before you get repeatable results.

  • Stephen S Hill - They installed easily and look just like the OEMs

    They installed easily and look just like the OEMs. I have 3 complaints but they are common to the OEM model as well. First: The bars end up too close together to safely hold anything long, (Like a canoe). Second: They have no opening or anchor so that anything tied on can be prevented from drifting left or right, (I will be modifying to correct this). Third: They are really shorter than what I need, (A canoe and a kayak).

  • Leslie J - This stuff actually works

    I started using this about 2 years ago when I noticed lines that I should not have in my late thirty's. I use it religiously every night before bed and within a couple months I noticed results. I am skeptical of everything and research things before I buy... If that is what you are doing... I can tell you this is a good product. A bottle lasts me several months. Very pleased.

  • April R. - Set up was easy. I haven't used QB in over 5 years ...

    Work as expected with this new software purchase. Set up was easy. I haven't used QB in over 5 years and was worried I wouldn't remember how to use it, but it walks you right through everything and was easy enough to get going. Lots of videos to help online so you don't have to pay their high fees for help.

  • Pegleg - Easy install

    Got this for my wife's Jeep as a small Christmas gift. I installed it the day after Christmas. Start to finish...about 10 minutes. I watched a "How To" video on YouTube first and learned a couple of very useful tips regarding the installation. It looks great!