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  • Marilyn Rischmann - These short fiction stories never disappoint. I purchase Best American Short Fiction every year ...

    These short fiction stories never disappoint. I purchase Best American Short Fiction every year to start the Mew Year right!

  • GoNoles - Worked great

    Had to do a little engineering as the rear rack on my Rincon does not have a second higher rail for support, other than that this worked great. Followed the tractor pulling the disk and had a 2nd tractor coming behind me with a cultipacker. Took care of 6 summer food plot with over 8 total acres in about 1/2 a day and it was the tractors and travel time between plots that took most of the time.

  • Byard F. Edwards - Having trouble getting the update successfully installed?

    The price was right by downloading from Amazon. The Personal database repopulated using last years tax return without a hitch. However, when it came to updating the software, I was unable to do so. Yes the data base downloaded and the installation engine performed its duties until the end was near, then it reversed itself. To no avail, I logged on as "Administrator" (right click icon) and used virtual OS with Vista and XP (currently with W7 OS). I reloaded the software and did a "repair" run. Still no success. Well, perhaps the upgrade code is a little funky and seen as a virus? I turned off my Kaspersky and Superantispyware software and presto: successful upgrade. Online help did not help but I told them the solution to my problem for what's it worth.

  • Scottie - Extremely helpful

    I am taking a diagnostic coding class and find it to quite complex with many rules and guidelines. This book has taken me through each rule, convention and abbreviation and shows examples and has exercises throughout each chapter. The first chapters deal with ICD-10-CM so I can use it when I have to learn the new coding system as well. I use this book as a textbook with my ICD-9-CM coding book and it explains everything so logically. I am so pleased with it. Highly recommended.

  • Littlequeenie - First Try, First Normal Cycle!

    I would recommend pregnatude. I had suffered the loss of my first pregnancy and it completely threw my body out of whack. (I had normal cycles for 3 months after going off the pill and we got lucky!) Then after the loss, my cycles were bouncing around and I was ovulating on days 44,50, and 60 ( compared to my clockwork day CD20)! I started Pregnatude two weeks before a new cycle. Once my new cycle had started I took the two packets daily. I didn't mix in water thought, just poured the packet into my mouth and took a big swig of water. It's much easier and the taste reminded me of those candy dip sticks! Low and behold I ovulated on CD 20! I was very excited to have a normal cycle for the first time in 6 months. However, I was not lucky enough to get my BFP this time around. I'm very hopeful for next time around! Not to mention, if this helped me level out, then I'm confident it is helping my egg quality as well! I've read this can take up to 3 months to work so I am very happy to see thing working in one month. Fingers crossed!