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C.E.L.forpharma | Market Leadership Training Courses For Pharma - Learn face-to-face from internationally acclaimed pharma experts at our 1- and 2-day training courses specifically designed for pharma executives.

  • About Us | C.E.L.forpharma - C.E.L.forpharma stands for the Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our aim is to develop the market leadership capabilities of executives in the pharma industry and related sectors with training by top-notch international experts on business-critical competencies.
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  • Principles of Pharma Market Access in Europe | 2-Day Training Course - Learn About the Market Access Environment in Europe’s Major Markets - How to Develop a Market Access Plan - Communicate Value to Stakeholders - and More!
  • Value Pricing for Market Access | 2-Day Training Course - Learn How to Set Prices for Optimal Access and Returns - Techniques to Use Across Different Payer Types - and Much More! - Delivered by Gary Johnson
  • Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists | 2-Day Training Course - Understand Health Economic Evaluations - Distinguish Good Form Bad Ones - How to Use & Integrate HECON Studies - and More! - by Prof Lieven Annemans
  • The Health Technology Assessment Course | 1-Day Training Course - Understand What HTA Means - The Different Types of HTAs Across the EU - The Assessment Criteria to Apply - and More! - Delivered by Prof Lieven Annemans
  • Emerging Pharma & Medtech Business Models | 1-Day Course - Understand what's forcing life science business models to change - Know the 26 emerging models - Learn how to accelerate your business model's evolution.
  • Late Stage Pharma Lifecycle Management | 2-Day Training Course - Learn How to Make the Most Out of Every Mature Brand - Know Which Drivers of Differentiation to Use - How to Make Portfolio Management Decisions - and More!
  • The Pharma Business Development Course | 2-Day Training Course - Learn the Pharma Business Development Process - Master the Language, Concepts & Tools of Deal-Making - Prepare for Financial & Legal Pitfalls - and More!
  • The Pharmaceutical Out-licensing Course | 2-Day Training Course - Learn the Factors Leading to a Successful Out-Licensing Deal - How to Profile Your Product - How to Target Potential Partners - Term Sheets - and More!
  • The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course | 2-Day Training Course - Learn & Practice Winning Strategies for Each Step of the Licensing Negotiation Process - Dos & Don’ts - Tips & Tricks - Up to Contract Closure - and More!
  • Pharma-Biotech Product & Company Valuation | 1-Day Training Course - Learn How to Calculate the Value of a Biotech Company & Development Compound - Assess the Risk Profile of a Biotech - Structure Licensing Deals - and More!
  • The Pharma Forecasting Course | 2-Day Training Course - Learn the Sales Forecasting Concepts, Models and Techniques That Work in Pharma - Integrate Pharma-Specific Drivers - and More! - By Gary Johnson
  • Patient Adherence & Support Solutions | 1-Day Training Course - Understand the Drivers of Non-Adherent Behaviour - Identify Adherence Opportunities - Learn How to Design Patient Support Programmes - and More!

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  • Willie V. Hughes - The Joe Friday / Dragnet of veggie protein powders

    This protein is okay as far as plant-based proteins, but I wouldn't call it delicious by any means. It seems to be a no-nonsense protein source (which many people may be looking for), but it's pretty gritty, tastes bland, almost has a bit of a pea taste (where part of the protein comes from), and a slightly strange after-taste. Just the protein, ma'am.

  • kvncvngtn - It's outta here...

    Just got this and daughter is hitting the ball so much further! Very little break-in needed. End-loaded nicely and very durable with the extra sleeve. Her smile, after she hits, says it all!

  • Anastasia - Meh...

    This book has some very valuable information in it. That being said, the "diet" itself did nothing for me. I typically eat dairy at every meal so this was quite a challenge for me and I felt no difference after the diet except that I craved...dairy. I did not lose any weight, not that I wanted to but I thought I would, inadvertently. It was a challenge to figure out what to eat on this thing. I ate mostly seeds/nuts/whole foods, which is actually really great for you but I thought I would "feel" better and I just felt like I wanted some cheese. I would eat an avocado for breakfast or snack for example, which got old...I missed eggs.