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The Copperbelt University - Joomla template for education purpose from JoomlArt - JA University. This template is compatible with the latest version of T3 and supports K2 component.

Country:, Africa, ZM

City: 28.2 Copperbelt, Zambia

  • Ray-Jay - Good OEM Package.. "However"

    The merchant provided the kit faster than expected he get's an "Atta Boy"..!! The Chrysler kit will drive you crazy installing it if you are not actually paying attention to detail. I will break it down as to problems encountered. Since I am an FAA airframe and power plant mechanic I tend to be anal retentive about things. Here we go..

  • PrettyPash - Long time user...

    Ive been using this product on my hair since i was 14, all yu need to do is put it on your roots and let it work its magic im 20 and i havent had a problem with this product tingles because it has a form of methol in it to waken up ya hair folicles ..i personally like that tingly feeling.I am a person that doesnt like one style for too long so i tend to cut my hair, color,weaves, etc . But when im ready to grow back out my hair i just put in a protective style and glide threw my parts with some hot gro .. Amazing product for medium coarse hair/ perm hair i shoud say.