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Cary Internal Medicine & The Diabetes Center located in Cary, North Carolina. - Cary Internal Medicine is a complete and comprehensive medical facility. We provide both family and teen medicine and have a complete facility of diversified and experienced staff to give you instant results.

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  • B. M Sullivan - Buggy to the point of being unusable

    I downloaded the demo and made a network diagram with relative ease. I liked the icons and the general features. There were a few bugs in terms of icons showing up, placing icons and copying icons. Many times nothing would show up or duplicates that were not selected would get copied. It was an annoyance but somewhat forgivable.

  • Robert S - When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this ...

    I bought this shape tool for my sons who are always asking me to help them shape their beards, yes they are teenagers with beards, LOL! When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this could help. Well yes it does help and they able to easily use this guide to get it perfect. Design is simple with a nice thick plastic piece that you place on your face and while holding just run your razor or in our case the electric cutters and just follow the guide. They are having no problem getting the perfect line up. The only thing I could find wrong is the price. Even though I received it at a discount I'm not sure I would be willing to actually pay the almost 13.00 for a piece of plastic. Other than that it's great.

  • Markos M. - Spinach popping Popeye performance!

    Remember what Popeye looked like after pounding a heaping helping of spinach? This is like that but without all the chewing. 2 pills from EVL and you're covered. These guys make good supplements. That's what's up.

  • MB29 - Don't waste your money

    The alarm clock sat for a month before we started to use it so it has only been in use 4 weeks. It is broken. It no longer tells time, the numbers are even broken up, you can't set the alarm or time, and the nightlight rarely works. Its a piece of junk and I feel like I wasted my money. It was pretty expensive for the cheap quality. My two year old just loved it so he is pretty sad now.

  • Kgrube - Go with Mopar

    Wasnt sure if i wanted to save some money and get the fake 3m tape on or the real thing. Very happy i went with OEM as they look awesome and they took less than 5 mins to install. spend the extra and get the good stuff.

  • SAM321 - Every Student Needs One

    This planner has been great for my 5th grade student. He is able to keep up with all homework, upcoming tests, and projects. There's room for everything.