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Cardialysis - the allround trial specialist in cardiology - A clinical research organisation with focus on cardiology expertise. Our strengths are clinical research and cardiovascular core laboratory services

  • Contact Cardialysis - Visiting address
 - Westblaak 98 - RotterdamMailing address - 
PO Box 2125 - 3000 CC Rotterdam
  • Cardialysis - allround trial specialist in cardiology - Cardialysis provides research facilities for high-quality development medical devices, pharmaceutical products and phase II and phase III clinical studies
  • Cardialysis aim: contribution to therapies for disease - We make a contribution to the development of superior therapies for cardiovascular disease, design and conduct of clinical drug and device R&D programs
  • Cardialysis - Board of directors - Board of directors: PJ Bruijs, chartered accountant, CK van Kalken is a strategic director, Gerrit-Ann van Es is director Research and Business Development
  • ECRI - European Cardiovascular Research Institute - ECRI facilitates the design and conduct of clinical trials, according to ICH/GCP standards. They perform ISS in the field of cardiology
  • Cardialysis - Selection of current studies - Current studies of Cardialysis: Transaortic Valve implantation, Hybride surgical ablation, Safety and efficacy dose finding trial NOAC and more
  • Cardialysis - Track record - Our experience covers clinical studies in cardiology, therapeutic areas, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure, Electrophysiology, Diabetes Mellitus and more
  • Cardialysis - Careers - We believe that everyone contributes to the success. We are looking for proactive, result-oriented CRAs,Managers, Core Lab Analysts and other functions
  • Cardialysis - Trial design - We are experienced in clinical cardiology. To achieve success in clinical trial, we have consistent trial design, tailor made proposals and Case Report Form
  • Cardialysis - Project management clinical trials - Good project management is essential for clinical trials. The activities are: coordination, site selection, meeting, manuals and documents, progress reports
  • Cardialysis - Clinical monitoring & site management all over Europe - We monitor all over Europe and work with in-house CRAs. We offer regulatory submission, site management, initiation, monitoring and close-out visit
  • Cardialysis - Data management - Cardialysis Data Management services are, eCRF Development, eCRF review, eCRF database, User Acceptance Test, CTS and Query resolution and Data cleaning
  • Cardialysis - Safety reporting - Our team has experience in cardiology, resulting in high quality reporting. We report to SAE, appoint DSMB consultation, organise Clinical Event Adjudication
  • Cardialysis - Statistics - Our Statistics Department analyses data from clinical trials. Our staff is experienced in trial design, Case Report Form development and statistical consulting
  • Cardialysis - Web based Clinical event adjudication and WebCEC - We have web based system for clinical trial event, adjudication and WebCEC application. We offer scanning of event documents, electronic adjudication and more
  • Cardialysis - Core Laboratory services in clinical trials - We are independent core laboratory in clinical trials.  We are supervise by leading experts in cardiovascular imaging and we stand for high quality output
  • Cardialysis - Supervising cardiologists - The leading supervising cardiologists of Cardialysis are: Dr. Hector Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Dr. Osama Ibrahim Soliman and Dr. Yoshinobu Onuma
  • Cardialysis - Angiography technique for coronary imaging - Cardialysis has a large experience in Angiography technique for coronary imaging. It's being used during all diagnostic and interventional procedures
  • Cardialysis - Intra coronary imaging - During analyse stent and plaque progression regression studies we use IVUS. But we also have studies in the field of MUSIC ,PERSPECTIVE and IBIS 2 study
  • Cardialysis - Magnetic resonance imaging - Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging analyses relation between LV function, are-at-rist and heart failure therapies. MRI is most reproducible imaging modality
  • Cardialysis - Electrocardiography - ECG is diagnostic tool for assessing cardiac arrhythmias, acute and old cardiac ischaemia. We provide electrocardiography data analysis of ECG results
  • Cardialysis - Echocardiography - Echocardiography (ECHO) Core Lab provides adjudication of clinically validated primary and secondary endpoints in all phases of clinical trials and mechanistic
  • Cardialysis - MultiSlice Computed Tomography - MultiSlice CT is a valuable cardiac imaging tool. The spatial resolution offers structural assessment of the heart and its appendage and veins or valves
  • Cardialysis - Site network - We have a network all over Europe. This way we can reduce time for site selection. Project Managers provide insight in therapeutic area and clinical data

    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

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    While it was a good start to my decks, I thought that it would've had more variety in terms of rare cards and non-rare cards. Otherwise it was a pretty good start to my decks.

  • shanky - its good to use on kids

    not so accurate. i took this to pediatric visit and found out there was a difference of 3 degree with rectal temperature.

  • reviewer - great product, does work

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