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Candeo Clinical/Science Communications, LLC - Candeo Clinical/Science Communications, LLC (; CandeoCSC) provides continuing educational activities for ophthalmologists and optometrists. By identifying the latest technological advances Candeo helps doctors develop their clinical skills to ensure good patient outcomes. Candeo generates up-to-date and engaging activities in multiple adult-learning formats. Candeo also offers full service management of educational activities. Activity development, faculty identification and recruitment, venue selection, and optimal ancillary materials are designed to provide rigorous scientific and clinical education. All activities are executed in full accordance with relevant regulations and guidelines.

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  • T. Peterson - ... a first year medical student and this book is great. It really helps you to see what details ...

    I am currently a first year medical student and this book is great. It really helps you to see what details are high yield versus what your professors emphasize (trust me, it is not always the same). It also contains multiple different tips and ways to remember key information. Highly recommend for boards prep and for every day study!

  • Melissa EL - Good

    I have fair combination skin that gets dry easily and is sensitive. I usually get acne on my cheeks, temples, or chin. I have eyed this product for a while and I went ahead and purchased it.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not purchase if looking for a replacement for Streets and Trips!

    This program SUCKS!! Not at all user friendly and not even close to the capabilities of Streets and Trips. Despite no longer being supported or updated it is still far superior to Street Atlas. The maps didn't have 10 year old streets in the data base.....UNUSABLE!! oney WASTED!!!

  • SirKipling - Good beginning workout video

    I just started working out again after 2 years of nothing and this video was easy to follow and got me sweating. Not super intense but good for a first workout. I like that it was 30 minutes.

  • Melle - Strong Acetone smell

    Didn't like this product at all! Didn't see any difference in my skin. It isn't actually difficult to remove the film the next day as some have stated. Wet wash cloth works. Didn't feel tight if you put moisturizer on first. While applying it, my throat and nose burned and sore throat and headache followed. After 2 nights of use, both of my eyes were swollen shut in the morning. I thought the swelling was unrelated. So I waited a few day for the swelling to go down. Sure enough, the swelling returned after the second attempt to use this product. I don't know if it was from the acetone or some other ingredient. I can't recommend anyone use it.

  • Chris from the Midwest - Great product...for the limited time you will have it

    I'd like to say that we have had two Haan steam cleaners in the past 2 years. Our first model lasted about 6 months, and then it wouldn't generate any steam any longer...along the way we had to replace the water tank, and cap, not to mention the number of pads that we used.

  • SoftSupple - full hair head....

    My temples and crown had been having some trouble with growing hair.... This made that all disappear... In 3 to 4 months... My head is back to full hair head... In fact it grow longer and has this sheen I love. This works and I love the tingly feeling that comes after oiling... I