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  • Amazon Customer - Still a good case.

    Protective, slim case. It was disappointing (but not unexpected) to find that the shiny buttons are plastic not metal. Still a good case.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent bike but slow Diamondback support?

    Bike was as advertised and assembled easily. However, one of the wheel reflectors came broken and I cannot seem to contact Diamondback for a replacement. I have tried 3 different phone numbers from the manual and website and they are either busy or glitched with static and cannot be understood. What the heck?

  • Tifani - If heard really good things about this stuff

    If heard really good things about this stuff. I'm on my second day. From what I know, you need to be drinking a crap ton of water. This is a booster and its supposed to work gradually giving you a boost to help you shed Kore pounds. So far from it-works I've seen gradual results. Everyone is different. J wish I were one of those people that see fast results too. But I think give it time. Just like any supplement it takes a little more time than just 30 days to see any real differences. So far I love these products.

  • Amazon Customer - Serendipity

    I just read the most amazing story and am experiencing so many different emotions and am in complete serendipity after reading The magnolia story. I have always been drawn to their style, their love for one another, the love for their town that they call home and always giving back to their community not to mention the name magnolia growing up with one in the front yard climbing it's branches even relating to the way the little buds would bloom so beautiful.. I have always had a connection to the two of them I had thought but after reading this story their story I feel the most amazing connection with myself. I decided to take a bath as I read the first page of their story I read until my phone went off and I realized I was in freezing cold water and had been in that water for three hours. I was so consumed and overwhelmed with so many emotions that had by the feeling of warmth from this pages I hadn't even realized the water was ice cold. I decided to get out and savor the last of the book.. I wanted to make this feeling last so I called it a night and got some rest. I woke up today determined to have an amazing day still feeling the warmth that chip and Joanna Gaines words had left from the night before. I got the most beautiful fireplace delivered to me that I found the day before (one I've been looking for for months to bring into my home to make it feel like home these next upcoming months) which really after finding it yesterday in this consignment shop here in town it inspired me to finally go and buy this book. It lit the flame in me I guess you could say.. So after the fireplace was delivered I had that sense of excitement all over again went to get lunch and as I sat there and I finished the book. I have never felt so connected and at peace like this in my life ever before and I felt the need to share this amazing moment that those words have brought to me in hopes that someone who takes the time to read this might get the same feeling I'm experiencing. ✨💫