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  • Bucherwurm - The Case of the Mysterious Drooling WaterPik

    Yes indeed, this water pick does all that it is supposed to. It's very good at cleaning, and ha lots of nice accessories that can be conveniently stored in the cover. The reservoir stores plenty of water, and the pressure variation dial allows you to choose the strength of flow. If you have never used a waterpik before here's an interesting observation. Even after carefully brushing and flossing my teeth the waterpik dislodged additional food particles that the brush and floss operations missed. The Waterpik seems to be well made. I also own a water jet made by a competitor that I've found to be very flimsy (Conair).

  • Member - Just improve Online Bugs otherwise 5 stars

    Yes like all reviews said it`ll work in US format but only on HDTV .Old SD tv aren`t compatible with this game.HDMI cable, doesn`t matter, any brand is fine as i`ve three different tvs with different HDMI cables .In every unit work flawlessly.We play online within circle of friends and you can`t catch or runout online .Its just leap of faith .There is tremendous lag during catches so you can play aggressive without fear of getting catched as 8/10 it`ll be missed even if your timing is spot on.Otherwise not a bad game at all.They don`t have license so they are using fake names for players during 20/20.You can edit names or DL renamed file from internet .Game conatin all formats of 20/20 ,ODI ,test ,hawk eye limited over that can be reduced to 5 over ( Excellant )but missing new rule of "Challenge Umpire decision for review by third umpire" that rule introduced after game being releseas so probably that`ll introduce in 2014 game because that much time this game needed to gain profits because its not as hot product like Fifa ,Madden or NBA .

  • Courtney - Awesome product!

    Such an awesome price for this! This is a really good product. This CHI serum is much more expensive in stores. I will always order it on Amazon from now on.

  • frankiejane - Perfect

    The weight listed is 8.8 lbs. but this actually weighs around 10.5 pounds. Don't care, much lighter than the other stroller that I had. Love that it folds so easily and, this may seem silly, but my favorite part is the release on the child restraint. One push on the center button and it releases. No more pushing separate sides to get my fussy granddaughter out of the carriage.The only down side to this stroller is because it is so light weight, hanging a diaper bag on it without the counter balance of the baby tends to tip the stroller backwards.

  • KB reviewer - Flawed, incomplete fitness app

    Your Shape Fitness evolved 2012 has much potential and utilizes the kinect impressively, but promptly fails to meet it's expectations. I'm a professional trainer, by the way.